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The promised founder won't come? Blue bottle coffee studio enters Shanghai for the first time!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop The day before yesterday, Blue Bottle Coffee announced that it would hold the "Blue Bottle Studio" coffee tasting experience event in Shanghai. Blue Bottle Studio is developed by James F., founder of Blue Bottle Coffee

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The day before yesterday, Blue bottle Coffee announced that it would hold a "Blue Bottle Studio" coffee tasting experience in Shanghai.

Blue Bottle Studio, an omakase-style coffee experience founded by James Freeman, founder of Blue bottle Coffee, was first held on the second floor of the Nanchen Temple branch in Kyoto in March 2023, followed by one in Hong Kong, China and Los Angeles in the United States, plus one in Kyoto in March this year. Shanghai Railway Station in China will be the fifth time for Blue Bottle Studio to hold the event, and it will also be the first time that the event has entered the mainland.

(the picture is taken from the official website of Blue bottle Coffee)

It is understood that Blue Bottle Studio aims to enable guests to fully experience coffee tasting for about 60 minutes in a specially designed simple space, and feel the brand's understanding and unique innovative presentation of coffee through carefully selected blue bottle coffee, several coffee drinks made with unique technology, and delicious desserts specially made by roasters to go with the drinks.

In a pure space where all the details are carefully planned, guests can experience the barista's meticulous service and professional introduction to carefully matched music, and taste high-quality drinks and desserts with selected utensils. Enjoy an unparalleled coffee experience.

However, in order to ensure the experience and service quality of each guest, Blue Bottle Studio adopts the reservation system, in which guests need to submit the reservation application in advance and pay a high price seat fee after the application is successful. Even so, the event was highly sought after by coffee enthusiasts, and all the seats sold out soon after each appointment was opened.

Last year, Blue Bottle Studio Hong Kong Station attracted local fans, which made mainland netizens jealous and looked forward to Blue Bottle Studio being held in the mainland. So when Blue bottle officially publicized the news about Blue Bottle Studio Shanghai Station, domestic fans were pleasantly surprised.

According to officials, the Blue Bottle Studio Shanghai Station will be held from May 7 to May 12, a total of 18 events, each with only four seats, guests will be able to enjoy eight coffee drinks and two refreshments made by the Blue bottle team, and the whole experience will last about 60 minutes.

In addition, Blue bottle's poster mentions that "James Freeman, founder of Blue bottle Coffee, and Benjamin Brewer, global head of innovation and research, will also visit Shanghai for the first time", which is even more gratifying. Even though they learned that the seat fee for the event was as high as 780 yuan per person, fans were still enthusiastic and scrambled for seats at the speed of the concert tickets. at present, all the performances in Shanghai have been fully booked.

In the eyes of coffee enthusiasts, it is worth looking forward to getting close to the founder of Blue bottle Coffee and enjoying the coffee tasting experience with him. However, for the sake of peace of mind, some people specially asked whether the two mentioned in the customer service promotion would come to the event in person.

So far, Blue bottle has not officially declared its position on this matter. However, the promotion of Blue Bottle Studio Shanghai Station has noted that "this event is only served by Blue bottle Coffee Chinese baristas team", while some netizens said that they had contacted Blue bottle officials by phone, "making it clear that the two bosses will not show up, and the on-site production team is also a local Chinese team."

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