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The benefits are gone! Pi Peet's coffee is accused of shrinking membership rights

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| In order to increase user stickiness, the daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop chain brand usually sets up a complete membership system and sends benefits to members from time to time. It also sends a blessing and a small gift on birthdays to let members feel the brand's presence on special days

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In order to improve the stickiness of users, chain brands usually set up a complete membership system, distribute benefits to members from time to time, and also send a blessing and a small gift on their birthday, so that members can feel the existence of the brand on a special day and are more willing to become long-term users of the brand.

Recently, a member of Pi Yeh, who is about to celebrate his birthday, opened Mini Program with joy and wanted to go to the store to spend some money after receiving the birthday benefits he gave him, but he noticed Piye's new announcement on the change of members' rights when he picked it up.

According to the announcement, from April 29, the cut cake coupons previously received by V2 members on their birthdays will be cancelled. If you want to continue to enjoy the cut cake sent by Piye, you need to spend more than 1000 yuan and upgrade your member registration to V5 before you can get it.

It also means that members under V5 with birthdays after April 29 will no longer be able to get the annual sliced cake coupons after the new announcement takes effect, a change that has caught Piye's loyal members by surprise. For them, it has been a habit for years for them to buy a cup of discounted coffee and get a sliced cake to celebrate their birthday, and this change announcement has made many low-level members feel "backstabbed" by the brand.

In addition, the half-price beverage coupons in the promotion ceremony for low-level members have also been changed to 30% discount beverage coupons, although the benefits of high-level members remain unchanged or even increased, but for low-level members who spend less than 1000 yuan, this change in membership rights has really hit their spending enthusiasm.

Generous membership benefits are undoubtedly a major publicity point to attract consumers to sign up, and it is also a major driving force for regular users to continue to support the brand. Starbucks birthday free drink coupons, Piay's birthday cut cake coupons and other member benefits are a sharp weapon to turn ordinary consumers into brand advocates.

When signing up for membership, most people will pay attention to the relevant benefits offered by the brand, believing that if these benefits are not good for them and do not allow themselves to get preferential treatment that ordinary consumers do not have, they will not waste time and energy signing up for a member that may leak information.

The original Pi Yeh members were liked by consumers because of their strong concessions and many member benefits, but they also attracted the attention of econnoisseur. They used multiple member accounts to enjoy member benefits many times, forcing brands to change their membership rules again and again to avoid this kind of situation.

However, although brand Fang raises the threshold for upgrading members and reduces the rights and interests of low-level members, it can put an end to econnoisseur's loopholes, but it also makes loyal old members feel that their membership treatment is not as good as before, and it is more and more difficult to maintain their membership level.

Canceling a cut cake voucher may reduce some of the store's wear and tear, but it also discourages loyal users who spend birthdays with Piye year after year. Some people say that after eating this year's cut cake, they may want to say goodbye to Pi Ye, who is no longer willing to celebrate his birthday.

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