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What is the difference in the taste extracted by different coffee making methods? What is the difference between cold extract and ice drop coffee?

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, Although hot coffee has more layers, the weather is so hot... Sorry for hot coffee, I still have to choose ice!!! As the temperature continues to rise, many friends plunge into the arms of iced coffee. So, this brings up something that makes everyone very curious: there are so many types of iced coffee, and they can drink it

Although hot coffee has more layers, the weather is so hot. I'm sorry for the hot coffee, but I still have to choose ice!

With the rising temperature, many friends have plunged into the arms of iced coffee. As a result, a curious thing arouses everyone's curiosity: there are so many kinds of iced coffee, how do they taste different? As a result, Qianjie will come to the water today to evaluate the difference between iced coffee made from the same type of coffee beans in different "cooking" ways! First of all, let's introduce the coffee beans used in this article: anaerobic sun-tanned Santa Vini! It is a Santa Vini processing plant from Sidamo, Ethiopia. The flavor measured in the cup is pineapple, citrus, blueberry, mango and red wine. There is no other reason to choose it, just because yesterday's ice drop, it is dripping, which saves the steps of today's ice drop in the front street, why not do it?

Then let's take a look at the different performance of Santa Vini under different production methods.

First, ice hand flushing (trickling extraction) the ice hand flushing production method of Qianjie is a Japanese ice hand flush which is changed on the basis of hot flushing! The cooling effect is achieved by replacing part of the hot water used for extraction into ice cubes, and at the same time, the grinding is refined to recover the extraction efficiency reduced by the reduction of hot water. The extraction parameters are as follows: amount of powder: 15g powder: ratio of water ice: 1:10:6 (i.e. 15g powder, 150ml hot water, 90g ice cubes) Grinding scale: 9 scale of ek43, 85% oversieving rate of sieve 20, boiling water temperature: 92 °C using filter cup: V60 cooking method: three-stage type

The extraction time is 1 minute and 35 seconds. The sour Santavini under the ice is lively, the taste of citrus and pineapple is very prominent, with a hint of mango and red wine, it tastes like a cup of tropical fruit juice, very clean ~

2. Iced American Coffee (pressurized extraction) because Santa Vini is an anaerobic coffee bean, when the warm sun in the bean bin of the Italian bean grinder is replaced by it, you only need to slightly fine-tune the grinding to get out of the cup. The extraction parameters are very simple: the amount of powder is 20g; the powder-to-liquid ratio is 1: 2; the total time is 31 seconds.

But since what we have to do is iced American coffee, it's not over here. The making parameters of iced American coffee are: SOE:40ml ice cubes: 100g water: 160ml by pouring the ingredients into the cup in turn, we use spoons or straws to stir, blend, and then drink! Ice American coffee tastes just as pleasant: bright acidity, with mango, pineapple and a hint of citrus. The aroma of the red wine is very long. With the blessing of concentrated oil, the taste of the whole cup of coffee is more mellow and calm.

Ice drop Coffee (low temperature drip filter) Ice drop Coffee is the longest way to make it in today's evaluation. Through proper grinding, the right amount of ice water was dripped for a long time, and then put into the refrigerator for a long time of cold fermentation. The extraction parameters used in Qianjie are as follows: coffee powder: 60g ice water: 600ml drip filtration rate: 10 seconds 5 drops extraction time: 6 hours fermentation time: 8 hours

After making, we first prepare 80g ice cubes, then pour in the fermented ice drop coffee 200ml. The taste of it is quite different from the first two: the acidity is soft and round, the flavor is more sour and sweet of mango and blueberry, the strong aroma of red wine, the end of which has a touch of sweet and sour pineapple, is a very rich cup of coffee!

Fourth, cold-extracted coffee (low-temperature soaking) is reasonable. Qianjie's favorite production is cold-extracted coffee. After all, it is very simple to make: grind powder, add water, put it in the refrigerator, soak, filter, finish! The extraction parameters of cold-extracted coffee are as follows: coffee powder: 60g powder / water ratio: 1:10 (i.e. 60g powder, 600ml water) soaking time: 8 hours

Before drinking, we add 80g ice cubes to dilute the cold-extracted coffee properly! Cold coffee tastes also very rich! The acidity of pineapple and mango is very soft, and the aroma of red wine is thick! But it is different from ice drop coffee in that although cold extract coffee lacks some cleanliness, it will be more mellow than ice drop coffee because of its immersion extraction.

So we can know that the performance of iced coffee is different when the same coffee bean is made in different ways. They have their own unique advantages, there is no difference between good and bad, is not the same good coffee ~ so, in front of the screen, which kind of iced coffee do you prefer?


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