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During the five-day holiday, there are 6 Shanghai Coffee Festival

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop holiday is approaching. Have you all made travel plans? However, according to previous years, the May Day holiday is basically the peak travel season, and people are everywhere. If you want to go out and visit the store for a cup of coffee, you probably have to queue up. At times like this, some pursuits

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As the holiday is approaching, have you guys made your travel plans? However, according to the situation in previous years, the May Day short holiday is basically the peak of travel, and there are people everywhere. It is estimated that there will be a queue if you want to go out to visit the store for a cup of coffee.

At this time, for some coffee lovers who pursue efficiency, tasting all the signs at once at the coffee festival is the most time-saving and labor-saving way to visit stores during the holiday.

So search on the social platform, in addition to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen and other cities with rich experience in coffee activities, many cities also began to hold the first coffee festival. Among them, Shanghai, known as the "Coffee City", has coffee festivals in different urban areas during May Day, with a total of six events. "I can't go to one of them every day during the May Day holiday."

Shanghai is a city with a strong coffee culture, and it is also a bustling city with a population of more than 20 million. Workers in high-rise buildings have a high demand for caffeine and a vast market. According to some netizens, the six coffee festivals held during the May Day holiday may not be able to fully meet the needs of coffee lovers in Shanghai.

However, there are also people who are not optimistic about the endless coffee-themed activities. Coffee culture has prevailed in recent years, coffee markets, coffee festivals and other activities have emerged in various places to take advantage of the holidays, and the number of coffee shops and tourists participating in the activities has also increased year by year. The needs of coffee lovers can basically be met, but the quality of the activities is uneven. Even before some activities are over, there have been a lot of complaint posts on social platforms.

Many people say that very few coffee shops are willing to offer trial drinks at the coffee festival, and most of them are sold to customers according to the standard of the store. For some people, they can't drink anything else after trying a cup or two.

In addition, the proliferation of creative coffee during the coffee festival has also made many coffee lovers complain. At coffee festivals in recent years, shopkeepers have been rolling in the direction of "how to make coffee more creatively": some people pursue the taste and add all kinds of fruit juices and syrup to coffee drinks to develop a colorful "little sweet water"; others want to take it by surprise and match a variety of unexpected ingredients with coffee in order to attract public attention.

However, whether it is "taste pie" or "creative school", the price of creative coffee is gradually rising, 451 cups of creative coffee seems to be the norm, and consumers spending money and stepping on mines are even more common. Tourists can be seen throwing away undrinkable drinks from time to time in the dustbins around the venue.

The original purpose of the Coffee Festival is to give lovers everywhere a platform to share and exchange ideas related to coffee, where they can also see the amazing creativity of baristas and find a coffee that suits their taste. However, due to the influence of fierce competition in the industry, coffee activities are no longer as pure as they used to be. as netizens said, the coffee festival seems to have gradually changed from a "practitioners exchange conference" to a "special science and technology conference."

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