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Ruixing employees "diy new products" themselves. Netizen: Can you manage them?

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| The speed at which Ruixing's new products are released in the daily boutique coffee culture magazine Coffee Factory is obvious to all. It is so fast that some Ruixing fans will pay attention to the "Ruixing New Products" label and refresh it from time to time to avoid missing new news by mistake. No, a netizen found it in the label of "Lucky New Products"

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The new speed of Lucky's new products is obvious to all, so some Lucky fans will pay attention to the "Lucky New products" label and refresh it from time to time to avoid missing new information.

This is not, a netizen found in the "lucky new product" label, he has not seen a new product "lucky pistachio coconut water", pistachio matcha milk cover and clear coconut water mixed to show a gradual green, pleasing enough to make people want to try the taste of this new product.

When netizens cheerfully opened the ordering platform, they found that the new product was not on the menu at all, and the owner of the post made it clear in the reply in the comment area that the drink was actually a drink made by employees and not a new product made by Ruixing.

It has happened many times that self-made employee drinks are labeled as "lucky new products" and posted on the platform, and these so-called "lucky new products" posts are generally thousands of times, and fans can also be seen enthusiastically asking how to get them in the comment area. but without exception, these are employee drinks that cannot be successfully bought in online stores or on the ordering platform.

The drink that I was thinking about was told that I couldn't drink it at all, which made the netizen immediately break through the defense and issued an article accusing the Ruixing clerk who put the homemade drink on the "lucky new product" to mislead the public and make people who don't know the truth believe it. "isn't it purely misleading for our employee diy to bring the new product tag?"

It is not difficult for netizens to understand that employees reward themselves with a drink that suits their own taste and looks good, and it is reasonable to take pictures and share their daily work. Some employees who are fresh and refined in appearance are even brighter in front of their eyes, which makes people advise R & D staff to come and see the work of their own staff as soon as possible. After improving these formulations, they may be able to reach next month's new product research and development KPI ahead of time.

However, as soon as these homemade drinks, which were not officially announced and did not appear on the menu, were labeled "Lucky New products" by employees, they were also shared on social platforms. Interested consumers would know and regard them as Lucky's hidden menu. as a result, the clerk poured cold water on them as soon as they arrived at the store, spoiling the good mood of the day.

On the other hand, according to Ruixing's strict production rules and monitoring and inspection, shop assistants are not allowed to tamper with the formula, and even the drinks that employees drink must be made according to the formula, but some stores turn a blind eye. But if the store's surveillance cameras record homemade drinks at the bar, it may cause trouble for themselves and the store, according to employees.

Therefore, these self-made employees who appear on the platform under the name of "Ruixing New products" also make Rui lucky workers have a headache, for fear that unknown customers will take these pictures and recipes to the store to ask the staff to make them. In this way, when the shop assistant refuses the customer's request because he can't provide it, he will probably get bad comments and complaints from the customers.

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