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Claim for allergy from multiple stores! Coffee shop owners jointly sued

Published: 2024-05-20 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/05/20, click on the attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Last night, Wuhan coffee shop owners held a group building event on social platforms that was as lively as the Spring Festival Gala because of a female guest known as "Allergy Sister." And where this event started, we must start from a circle of friends. Release "hanging person"

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Last night, Wuhan coffee shop owners had a team-building event on a social platform comparable to the Spring Festival Gala because of a female guest known as "allergic Sister". And where does this activity begin? it also starts with a circle of friends who are concerned about people.

The coffee shop owner, who posted "hanging people" moments, said he received a female guest in February this year. After the guest left after drinking coffee, he contacted the owner that night and said he might develop allergies due to lactose intolerance. As the shopkeeper himself has allergic experience, he is very attentive to this matter and refunds the money to the guests. Only when he was calm did he realize that there was a problem with the medical certificate provided by the other party. Although he suspected that he had been mistaken, he thought it was only an isolated case, so he did not publicize the matter.

It was not until the day before yesterday, when a friend encountered a similar situation and contacted the shopkeeper and mentioned the matter again, that the shopkeeper was alert to the mistake and sorted out his own experience and relevant evidence and published a moments to remind other peers. But he didn't want this circle of friends to ignite the coffee circle in Wuhan.

Many local coffee shop owners in Wuhan posted their chat records and transfer records with this allergic customer one after another, and many people said bluntly that when they learned that the drinks caused consumers to have allergic symptoms and needed medication, they first felt sorry and worried about what happened to the guests, and worried that the unpleasant process of visiting the store would make the customers make bad comments on the store. Therefore, after a brief understanding, some shopkeepers offered to bear the medical expenses of the guests and refund the money.

In the process of communicating with the shop owners, the female guests also said that they should be held responsible for not evading the allergen in advance, so most of the time they did not let the store bear the medical expenses for the treatment of allergic symptoms, but only asked for a refund of the drinks. A shopkeeper admitted that he seldom met a reasonable guest because of each other's understanding at that time, but he never thought it would be so.

There have also been shop owners who questioned this after learning that the other party had an allergic reaction and asked the person concerned to show the relevant medical certificate, but after seeing the picture provided by the other party, they believed it and directly transferred the money back without further understanding.

According to the collation of well-intentioned netizens, there are now more than 20 coffee shops that have refunded the customer, and it is speculated from the coffee shop punch records posted on the social platform that the number of victimized coffee shops may increase.

When customers complain about their drinks, the first reaction of most coffee shop owners is to "make things small and trivial", and they do not want customers to post their unpleasant consumption experiences on major platforms, so as not to adversely affect the image of the store. As most shopkeepers hold the idea of peace, this allows customers to successfully take advantage of loopholes, with the same story repeatedly let the shop owner voluntary refund.

After the incident quickly heated up on social platforms last night, the parties did not respond to the matter, the accounts found by netizens have been cancelled, and some coffee shop owners said they could not be reached through chat software.

However, some shopkeepers have said that they have learned some of the customer's personal information and are communicating with other victimized shopkeepers to confirm and collect relevant evidence, and may then protect their own rights and interests and seek justice through legal channels.

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