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The o.p.s. coffee brand comes to Shenzhen for the first time! Long queues at the exhibition site!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop On April 26, the popular coffee specialty brand o.p.s. announced that it will soon meet you with a slightly different appearance from the past, officially opening an "On The Move" city tour, the first stop is deep.

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On April 26th, the popular coffee special brand o.p.s. The announcement will soon meet with you with a slightly different appearance from the past, officially opening a "On The Move" city parade, the first stop is Shenzhen.

As soon as news came out, o.p.s. The fans wrote down their city in the comment area, hoping to be named by the brand's flip card, and then the founders joined the message area: see which city has the most likes and will arrange it as soon as possible.

It is understood that o.p.s. The first stop of the trip is the Awakening Coffee Festival of the Shenzhen Center of Excellence, which has been held annually since 2020 for seven consecutive days from April 29 to May 5. Although at the same time, there are many coffee brands familiar to enthusiasts in the circle, but in terms of popularity, there is a "special top-class" known as o.p.s. It's definitely among the best. If you don't believe it, just look at the queue on the first day.

Look from the side

Look from behind

From above,

According to official sources, the business hours of the major brand stalls are scheduled to be 11: 00, 00: 00, 19: 00, and the relevant staff will enter the exhibition and prepare the materials used for the production in advance. But not long after ten o'clock, o.p.s. There is already a self-conscious line waiting for an order in front of the door. Seeing such a big battle, a worker who was "fishing" in the office of a high-rise building wondered: is the ops downstairs so delicious?

As more and more people entered in the afternoon, the customers in the diversion fence, like the morning and evening rush hour of the subway station, extended directly to the side of the road and wound their way between other coffee stalls. But after all, today is a proper working day, when realizing that the ordering progress of the team is really too slow, coupled with the outdoor heat suffering, time-strapped workers with heavy tasks have to give up temporarily because they cannot leave their posts for too long, and then go to squat early.

It is worth noting that, unlike the recent thunderstorms in Guangdong, the sun is shining in Shenzhen today, and on such a scorching Monday, even a high temperature of 30 degrees failed to stop the enthusiastic fans who skipped work. You can drink o.p.s without going to Shanghai. Even if the person at the front of the line moves forward at the speed of the tortoise despite the risk of heatstroke, everyone still does not hesitate to queue for hours in order to taste the rumored "special ceiling". Some people even set up flag, but if they can't get, they won't go back!

According to the "people in line" at the scene, in order to prepare for the exhibition of this trip to Shenzhen, o.p.s. The team brought two seasonal combinations, each containing three special coffees and one alcoholic drink, called Travel Ligt and Travel Wild, both of which sold for 118.

When netizens who carefully counted the cups of coffee found that it took almost no less than an hour to wait in line, only a lucky person who arrived early took only half an hour, and the longest one stood for four and a half hours, and to make up for the bitterness, she also angrily bought three set.

As for why the speed of the line is not always fast, it should be because each combination contains three different drinks, although the process is not much, but the barista responsible for the production will explain to each guest one by one. Including the details of raw material matching, R & D inspiration, flavor and taste, which makes it take hours to get to the order bar even if there are not many people in line.

Picture from: Xiao Hong Shu

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