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Materials are urgently removed from shelves! Literary writer Lu Xun's "joint name" triggered CCTV's naming

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory Recently, a tea brand used Lu Xun's image to promote a new product with a joint theme. His advertising words caused a lot of controversy, and the surrounding areas have been completely removed from the shelves. On April 23, World Book Day, Lele Tea teamed up with Yilin Publishing House to launch "Smoke Cavity

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Recently, some tea brands have used Lu Xun's image to promote joint-themed new products, which have caused a lot of controversy because of their advertising words, and the surrounding areas have been completely removed from the shelves.

On April 23, World Reading Day, Lele Tea and Yilin Publishing House launched "smoke cavity Oolong" milk tea, which is said to be a tribute to the writer Lu Xun. This joint milk tea takes the portrait of Lu Xun holding the milk tea cup with his head held high as the core of publicity, the background is embellished with pine trees, and some golden sentences are extracted from Lu Xun's works.

In addition to producing paper cups for milk tea, "smoke cavity Oolong" also launched pamphlets with portraits of Lu Xun, acrylic brands, paper bags and other products. A large number of "excerpts" about Lu Xun were incorporated in the surrounding areas and propaganda, and the slogan was "Old smoke, New Youth".

For the word "old smoker", there is no doubt that the first thing that comes to mind is "old smoker". It is reported that Hu Bao, author of the Shanghai-language novel Lane, talked about the slogan, "Old smokers, Shanghainese are also called 'old guns'. This word sometimes has a derogatory meaning in daily life in Shanghai. it is now a new era, and the 'new youth' should learn and inherit the spirit of Mr. Lu Xun, not the 'smoke tone' in the tweets. It's still not appropriate as an advertisement."

In response to the cross-border co-signature of the milk tea brand, the CCTV news official WeChat yesterday pointed out that as a literary master, Mr. Lu Xun's article is deep and serious, worried about the country and the people, and the overall image is not suitable for entertainment commercial advertisements. And the term "old smoke cavity" used by the milk tea brand is very inappropriate. CCTV online review said that innovation, never in a vacuum to engage in creativity, can be wild, but not without scruples. Whether co-signed or cross-border, vulgarity must not be regarded as interesting.

On April 28th, a reporter learned through Lele Tea's official Mini Program that the current "smoke cavity oolong" can still be purchased normally, but the cup is not a cup with the image of Lu Xun, but a regular cup of the brand. In addition, the clerk of several Lele Tea stores in Shanghai told the relevant media that the "smoke cavity oolong" cups and related periphery of many stores had been sold out on the 27th, and all stores no longer sold cups and perimeter emblazoned with Lu Xun's image.

On the same day, the joint tweet released by Lele Tea official Weiwei on the 23rd has been deleted, and the promotional copy of other official channels has also disappeared. Another reporter contacted the person in charge of the brand, who said that the relevant copywriting publicity and surrounding products had been removed from the shelves. As for whether it will be back on the shelves, it said it would wait for the company's headquarters to arrange, "pay attention to our follow-up official actions, it is not certain now."

The tweet has currently been deleted

Lele Tea opened its first store in Shanghai in 2016 and became popular with popular products such as "dirty bags" and "dirty tea", according to public data. At the end of December 2022, Lele Tea and Nai Xue signed an investment agreement. Nai Xue spent 525 million yuan to acquire 43.64% shares of Lele Tea, becoming the largest shareholder of Lele Tea, and Lele Tea became an associate of Nai Xue. In April 2023, Lele tea publicity opened to join, speed up the layout of the enclosure. As of April 2, Lele Tea has 428 stores in China, mainly in East China, accounting for more than 80%.

In fact, in addition to the controversial Lele Tea, a number of tea brands have been "co-signed" with historical celebrities and writers. On April 23 last year, also World Reading Day, Xicha and the people's Literature Publishing House jointly launched the perimeter with the images of Lu Xun, Zhu Ziqing, Hu Shi and Lin Huiyin. Subsequently, when Aunt Shanghai opened a new store in Lu Xun's hometown of Shaoxing, she also launched a cup cover with Lu Xun's image on it.

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