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Crazy! Crazy! Lucky's scheduling system card BUG does not require anyone to work!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Recently, Luckin's friends in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu have experienced Luckin's adjusted scheduling system before stores across the country. According to Ruixing's friends, the system can forecast peak periods based on store product sales, and then conclude results based on forecasts.

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Recently, lucky partners in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu experienced Ruixin's adjusted scheduling system ahead of stores across the country. According to the introduction of lucky partners, the system can forecast the peak period according to the sales situation of stores, and then make few but refined rationalization arrangements according to the forecast results and staff efficiency, so as to avoid scheduling redundancy.

For example, during the upcoming May Day holiday, the system predicts that the morning peak sales of a store may decline due to the holidays. Under the condition that the production efficiency of employees is fixed, the system arranges 1 or 0 employees to be responsible for the morning shift according to the forecast store sales recommendation, and strives to put the work efficiency of every lucky partner on the cutting edge.

Second, according to lucky employees who have tried the system, the upgraded system has a more "reasonable" schedule for full-time and part-time employees. Full-time employees can rest as long as they finish their shift according to the new schedule, and the rest of the work is done by part-time employees. In the event of an emergency in the store, full-time employees who are in urgent need of manpower will "work voluntarily" in order to maintain their performance, and their voluntary working hours will not be counted by the uninformed system.

After the adjustment of business strategy, Ruixing has already carried out a reform on the personnel arrangement of offline stores in March this year. Adjust the staff shifts of some stores with low sales, so that most of the lucky friends shoulder the responsibility of the bar alone, one person on duty at the bar and complete the corresponding work. At that time, the system had not been upgraded at the time of the reform, so the scheduling of employees could still be adjusted by the store manager according to the actual operation of the store.

However, manual adjustment of the shift schedule may lead to unreasonable shifts of the store manager so that the shop assistants are forced to work overtime, and it is also impossible to distribute store operations with the production efficiency of employees efficiently and rationally. therefore, lucky programmers upgrade the scheduling system, perhaps with the help of the power of technology to maximize the role of each lucky partner in the position.

According to the data provided by the narrow-door dining eye, Lucky's store expansion has slowed recently, adding less than 400 stores in March this year, but the total number of stores has exceeded 18000, which shows that Lucky needs to hire a large number of staff to ensure the normal operation of offline stores.

After the cancellation of the 9.9 discount, Ruixing continuously put new products on the shelves and launched joint activities, but store sales were low, and recently four unsalable drinks were removed from the shelves one after another, leaving store staff to destroy syrup and other raw materials. As a result, the number of orders in Lucky's stores has declined, and Lucky's staff may be redundant, which will undoubtedly increase the cost of store operation.

Therefore, Lucky's adjustment of the scheduling system this time not only reflects the enterprise's humanistic care for employees, humanized arrangement of working hours, so that employees can do their best to play a role in their posts, but also can avoid staff redundancy and reduce labor costs. in order to achieve the effect of reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

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