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The blue bottle of coffee that needs to be queued for is also sold out!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop On April 18, consumers who are accustomed to ordering coffee through takeout platforms found that there was a new store called "blue bottle coffee" on the platform, with the store logo also a small blue bottle. Which one do you think it is?

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On April 18, consumers who are used to ordering coffee through the takeout platform found a new store called "blue bottle coffee" on the platform, and the store logo is also a small blue bottle. Some people thought it was a coffee shop that touched porcelain or some blue bottle coffee purchasing agents, but when they clicked on the menu and merchant information, they found that this was really blue bottle coffee's own takeout shop!

It is reported that the take-out prices of drinks in various blue bottle stores in Shanghai are in line with the Mini Program menu. after opening, all stores will give away limited refrigerator stickers, and there will also be a discount during the delivery period. Many blue bottle fans were ecstatic when they heard the news and issued orders to support them after the delivery channel was opened.

Compared with last year, the blue bottle of "Buddhism" in the eyes of the public has made a lot of big moves recently.

Previously, the news that "Blue bottle will soon be stationed in Shenzhen Vientiane Tiandi, Chengdu Taiguli, Xi'an Vientiane City" has been widely spread on social platforms, attracting the attention of coffee lovers everywhere. Among the three branches mentioned in the rumors, although the Vientiane Tiandi branch in Shenzhen is not officially open at present, from the relevant pictures of the stores released by netizens, the news of "Blue bottle stationed in Shenzhen" is certain.

At the same time, the blue bottle flash car also drove into Wuxi, Jiangsu some time ago, attracting local fans to clock in, and there was a grand queue in front of the coffee car, which made people wonder whether the city through which the blue bottle flash car passed would become the location of the next branch, and people could not help feeling that the blue bottle that could not get out of Shanghai had finally stepped out of its own comfort zone.

In addition to the changes in business layout, Blue bottle's most valued and important blue bottle studio has announced that it will be held in Shanghai. When this limited event, which has been held since last year and often allows blue bottle fans to compete for a place, is stationed in Shanghai, it is not difficult to see the importance that brands attach to the growing demand for coffee in China.

Now Blue bottle opens a takeout channel, not only to cater to the habits of contemporary consumers, so that people can experience their own characteristic coffee without leaving home, but also to use this approachable way to let more takeout users know themselves and increase the influence of the brand.

However, in the view of many people, the blue bottle, which is carefully laid out in order to maintain the unique design style of the brand, has missed the first opportunity, and the brand side is now constantly changing the business layout, trying to attract the attention of netizens by increasing stores and broadening sales channels, but in the eyes of increasingly "picky" coffee consumers, the performance-to-price ratio of blue bottles is far lower than that of other brands.

For example, when buying coffee, takeout users pay attention to whether they can use coupons when placing orders, whether the distribution fee is too high, and so on. They pay attention to product quality as well as the performance-to-price ratio of takeout channels. The quality of blue bottles focused on fine coffee is guaranteed, but it is still difficult for some users to accept delivery coffee that does not use coupons or free delivery fees.

The competition between chain brands is becoming more and more fierce, and the "Apple of the Coffee World" has become somewhat restless under the extremely inward situation, and has begun to try to reach more consumers, but it may still have a long way to go to get into the hearts of users.

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