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This blue bottle coffee actually prohibits taking photos outdoors!!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop sits next to the floor-to-ceiling windows of the cafe, enjoys the traffic or natural scenery outside the window, and slowly sipping a cup of coffee. This is probably the scene that many people hope for to enjoy coffee. Blue Bottle Coffee Shop, which emphasizes "one store, one design", also takes the exam when designing the store

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Sitting by the French window of the cafe, enjoying the heavy traffic or natural scenery outside, and slowly tasting a cup of coffee, this is probably the pleasant coffee scene that many people want.

The blue bottle coffee shop, which pays attention to "one store, one design", will also take into account the integration with the surrounding areas when designing the store. The coffee shop on the third floor of "Atre Pingchuan" is mainly simple and bright, and the most eye-catching thing is to use a large piece of glass on the north side of the store, where customers can sit by the window and enjoy the people coming and going downstairs.

Recently, however, the coffee shop has been complained by Japanese netizens as a "social animal observation coffee shop". Some friends may think that it is because there are many office workers in the store that people think that "social animal observation" can be carried out here, but in fact, the observers are not looking at the people in the store, but the office workers outside the store.

It is understood that the Blue bottle Pingchuan Store is just near the south entrance of one of the exits of Pingchuan Station. Looking down from the north window, you can see the wide passage from the central ticket gate and Shinkansen platform of Pingchuan Station to the southern entrance of Hong Kong.

Due to the concentration of well-known enterprises such as Sony and Canon around Shinagawa Station, during the rush hour on weekdays, you can see an extremely spectacular scene-office workers in suits converge into a "black crowd" and rush out of the platform in a hurry.

When foreign tourists who went to the Shinagawa entry Administration to apply for visas stopped at the coffee shop, they were shocked by the unprecedented "black current of office workers" and posted it on the social platform, attracting more tourists to sign in. Gradually the coffee shop became known as the "Social Animal observation Cafe".

The photographers are more likely to share the shocking scene with others, but as the protagonists in the photos, commuters who commute here every day look up to see the tourists drinking coffee and taking pictures upstairs, feeling somewhat mixed. Some people even think that these photos are making fun of hard-working workers.

These office workers who do not want to be the protagonists in the cameras of foreign tourists resent the situation and may have complained to the coffee shop about this phenomenon, asking customers who drink coffee above not to point the camera at them. so this coffee shop has a completely different reminder from other coffee shops-"Please don't shoot the commuting scene below."

Netizens said that they had seen "no indoor photography" for the first time, and originally wanted to reduce the occurrence of this kind of situation, but the effect seemed to be counterproductive, making netizens even want to come here to take photos and sign in. Japanese netizens commented, "it will be interesting to take paid leave on weekdays and go there to take a leisurely look."

People who have been to Pingchuan Station in China said that although surging crowds can be seen in traffic convergence places such as subway stations in many big cities in China, during the rush hour at Pinchuan Station, the scene of a group of workers dressed in black suits walking past is very visually shocking, and it is not difficult to understand that foreign tourists want to take photos and share them after seeing them once.

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