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Limit QQ shows! Starbucks is coming to Bo Memory Kill?!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Recently, a new Starbucks ice mug appeared on social platforms. Around the iconic mermaid logo are various qq emoticons. At first glance, you may think that a child used stickers to decorate Starbucks ice mug. Many people

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Recently, a new Starbucks ice cup has appeared on the social platform, surrounded by a variety of qq memes around the iconic mermaid logo. At first glance, you may think that some child decorated the Starbucks ice cup with stickers. Many people say the ice cup looks rustic but interesting.

However, this ice cup is not the diy work of any fan on a whim, but a limited ice cup for Starbucks' joint event next week. As for the partner of this joint event, it may not be expected by many Starbucks fans, it is the chat software QQ that most people own and use.

According to the news of the related activities released on the platform, the joint event between Starbucks and QQ will launch two new drinks, "Pineapple Lili Coffee" and "Golden Drink Light Gold Cafe". During the event, stores will also use limited ice glasses and limited packing bags printed with QQ emoticons, as well as all kinds of physical surroundings full of QQ emoji elements.

In addition, Starbucks and QQ will also launch a joint model to limit QQ Show, as long as the relevant tasks are completed according to the activity guidelines, users can receive limited virtual props to decorate their virtual personal image.

Some younger netizens may feel a little strange to "QQ Show", but in the eyes of old netizens, "QQ Show" represents their youth that they will never return.

In the era of a QQ account, QQ Show was once a platform for users to show their personality. Users can add a variety of props to the initial image given by the system for decoration, and highlight their own difference through the virtual image of cute and interesting, or fashionable and exquisite, or killing Matt.

Maybe some friends will show their uniqueness for beautiful and handsome virtual images, or do all kinds of activities in exchange for limited props, or directly spend money to recharge QQ Show's exclusive red diamonds.

However, with the popularity of smartphones and changes in netizens' demand for chat tools, the gaudy QQ Show is no longer valued by users, more and more people use QQ as a daily tool, no longer spend time and energy to decorate their virtual image, and the number of users who spend money on it continues to decrease, so QQ shut down the red diamond recharge function associated with QQ Show in 2020.

After the upgrade of the PC end of QQ in November 2021, QQ Show did not officially go offline, but he also folded this function. If users do not click to view it, the chat interface will not show the virtual image of themselves and the person they are chatting with, which makes users forget about QQ Show day by day.

So when they learned that QQ Show was included in the joint event of Starbucks and QQ, most netizens said that they were very surprised, and many people could not help feeling "tears of the times" when they saw the familiar QQ virtual characters.

Although there are not many users who bother to decorate QQ Show, and the practicality of defining QQ Show is not as practical as that around the entity, for old netizens, the limited activity of Starbucks is full of retro flavor, and many people said that after the event was officially launched, maybe QQ Show, who has been covered with dust for many years, can come out to bask in the sun and recall his youth.

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