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Lin Junjie opens a coffee shop in Guangzhou!!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Yesterday was the first day of the May Day holiday. Most people didn't have to go to work to have a good rest. However, a shocking queue was seen at Exit B of Liede Station in Guangzhou, which gave way to people who were surprised and took photos and shared them with others. At the same time, I was also curious to ask if these people were

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Yesterday was the first day of the May Day holiday, and most people could have a good rest without going to work, but there was a surprise queue at exit B of Liade Station in Guangzhou, which surprised passers-by. While taking photos and sharing them with others, they were also curious about what these people were doing.

Walking to the end of the queue, it turned out that Lin Junjie's miracle coffee officially opened a store in Guangzhou, located in igc Tianhui Square, near exit B of Liede Station.

It is understood that the location, originally a Guangdong coffee chain brand store by.jpg, announced the closure of business in March this year. At that time, many loyal users were sad because of the closure of store by.jpg, but when they learned that the replacement of the position was Lin Junjie's miracle coffee, they looked forward to it more than sad.

Small miracle official said that the Guangzhou store is not a flash activity, is a long-term operation of the official store. However, for fans, even if they know that Little Miracle will stay in Guangzhou for a long time, they still want to support them on the first day of business, in case Lin Junjie himself comes to cut the ribbon for the store.

Some fans said that Lin Junjie attached great importance to the operation of Little Miracle Cafe, and the first point of the previous Little Miracle in the mainland was to stand on the platform himself. Some time ago, Little Miracle Chengdu store officially opened. It is rumored that Lin Junjie wanted to stand on the platform himself, but did not arrive at the scene during business hours due to order and security problems at the scene, but waited until the early morning after the concert to personally inspect the store.

This little miracle officially landed in Guangzhou, although there is no news that Lin Junjie will be there to cut the ribbon, but fans are still full of expectations. Someone has already arrived early to sign in before 8: 00 a.m. in the morning. As more people heard the news, the line grew longer and longer and lasted all the way to the subway station.

According to netizens on the social platform, this store is slightly different from the Shenzhen pop-up coffee car these days. Many people who want to collect stamps feel a little regret that the store does not provide the stamping service that fans have in mind, but there are more drinks in the store. It includes the limited special return of Guangzhou pop-up coffee car, and there are desserts, perimeter, coffee beans and other products to buy.

With the exception of a small number of people who arrived early, most people's queuing time ranges from one hour to three and a half hours, but for enthusiastic fans, the queuing time is nothing. Previously, the queue at stores in Chengdu could be as long as six hours. "three and a half hours is already fast."

It is also because of the large number of people on the scene, coupled with the full purchasing power of fans, the store is still overwhelmed even if it is ready to be ready, running out of raw materials before the original closing time, and announcing that it is sold out after six o'clock in the evening.

As for the Lin Junjie store patrol that fans are most looking forward to, there is no definite news so far. Many people think that the store has a small storefront, a special location and is close to the subway exit. For the sake of on-site order and personnel safety, the possibility of Lin Junjie personally serving the platform of the new store is not high, and the probability of the midnight patrol of Chengdu stores will not reappear.

Picture from: Xiao Hong Shu

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