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Get off the rack! Harbin Pharmaceutical Factory No. 6 Oral Liquid Coffee may be suspected of violating regulations!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop Although Harbin, where the coffee workshop has lost its aura of snow, has less winter romance, this tourist city known as the "Paris of the Orient" still attracts tourists from all over the country during this May Day holiday. Among them, the original site of Harbin Pharmaceutical Factory No. 6, known as the "Louvre in Northeast China", has become

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Although Harbin, which has lost its snow halo, is less romantic in winter, the tourist city known as "Paris of the East" still attracts tourists from all over the country during the May Day holiday. Harbin Medicine Factory No. 6, which netizens call the "Northeast Louvre", has become a popular sign-in attraction.

The building, which looks like the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, was built by Harbin Pharmaceutical Group in 2004 and will serve as the office of the sixth pharmaceutical factory under the group. After the merger of Harbin Pharmaceutical No. 6 Factory and Sanjing Pharmaceutical Factory No. 4 in 2020, the office building with solemn and elegant appearance and resplendent interior was left idle. Until the number of tourists increased in recent years, the original site of the sixth Harbin Pharmaceutical Factory became popular in the name of the "Northeast Louvre", and the Harbin Pharmaceutical Group opened it to the public for tourists to visit.

Recently, tourists found that a coffee shop has been opened in the lobby on the first floor of the scenic spot, which is a combination of Harbin Pharmaceutical Group's iconic oral medicine and coffee. Two distinctive drinks with the style of Harbin Medicine Factory 6 are launched: blue bottle lattes with calcium gluconate and zinc lattes with zinc gluconate.

According to the pictures shared by netizens, the two lattes use red and blue syrup as the base, then add milk and espresso. Finally, the clerk inverts the unsealed blue bottle, and the oral liquid in the bottle will slowly flow into the cup and mix with the coffee.

These two oral liquids were once supplements that many people were asked to drink by their parents in their childhood, but now the small blue bottle in their memories has been transformed into a coffee bag, which can surprise young people who drank oral medicine at that time.

Netizens who have tried it said that the two oral liquids, which are mainly sour and sweet, do not have the taste of a tonic after being made into a latte. If I hadn't seen the clerk pour the newly opened oral liquid into the cup, I couldn't believe that a supplement had been added to the drink.

However, people who have drunk oral liquid vaguely remember that their parents told them that "oral liquid should not be drunk with milk", so the store's behavior of adding two kinds of oral liquid to the latte raises some questions.

After examination, it is mentioned in the instruction manual of calcium gluconate oral liquid used for calcium supplement that "drinking a lot of beverages containing alcohol and caffeine and smoking will inhibit calcium absorption." another zinc gluconate oral liquid used to supplement zinc clearly states that "this product should not be taken with milk". From this point of view, neither of the supplements is suitable to be added to the latte.

In addition, according to the Food Safety Law, medicines may not be added to food produced and sold, but substances that are traditionally both food and traditional Chinese medicine can be added. The two oral liquids produced by Harbin Pharmaceutical Group have red "OTC" marks, which belong to Class An over-the-counter drugs and are not Chinese herbal medicines. So the coffee shop may be suspected of violating the Food Safety Law by adding it to consumer drinks.

In the face of questions from customers, it was said that the coffee shop had changed its production method yesterday afternoon, pouring out the supplements in the small blue bottles, leaving only empty bottles for decoration. So far, netizens who went to the area to sign in said that the blue bottle coffee had been removed from the shelves. It is not clear whether the two drinks will be temporarily sold out or permanently removed from the shelves.

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