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What does traditional Drity do? What happens when dirty coffee cannot be separated into layers? Do I have to use an ice cup to make coffee?

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, I don't know when it started, but there was a trend of dirty coffee in domestic boutique cafes: although the cup size is not large, the cold drink milk coffee with super high face value is becoming more and more popular. Not only is it a special drinking method, but the alternating hot and cold taste has left a deep impression on everyone who tastes it for the first time. It has become popular on all major social media.

I don't know since when, there has been a trend of dirty coffee in boutique cafes in China: although the quantity of a cup is small, a cold drink coffee with super good appearance is becoming more and more popular. Not only is it a special drink, but the alternating hot and cold taste has impressed everyone who tastes it for the first time. It is Dirty coffee, which is popular on social media.

Dirty, also known as dirty coffee, was a popular drink under the trend of "dirty culture" at that time. In this era of developed network information, the method of making Dirty is no longer a secret. Search in any platform and you will find tutorials and detailed steps.

If it is summed up in one sentence, it is to pour espresso directly on the surface of frozen milk and let it float on the milk to form a layered sense of visibility. It sounds very simple, only a few steps can be easily completed, so it is also known as "hands will" series of coffee. But as the saying goes, as soon as you look at it, you will lose it as soon as you learn! The rollover team said: why is my Dirty not Dir at all?

The layering principle of Dirty

Unlike other classic coffee that pays attention to uniform fusion, the core of the structure of Dirty is the deliberately unfused layering, so that the dark espresso sinks with gravity, the lighter fat will gradually spread on the white milk, while the heavier coffee liquid will slowly fall along the wall of the cup, and the coffee will "stain" the milk in all directions. It is precisely because espresso completely "wraps" the milk, so when drinking, you can feel the temperature difference caused by the collision between the two, from thick to light, from bitter to sweet, the taste is very wonderful.

According to the previous street production experience, the reasons for the non-stratification of Dirty are mainly affected by four aspects, including the impact of concentration is too strong, the concentration of coffee liquid is not enough, the coffee cup is not selected correctly, and the milk is too thin.

1. The coffee liquid has too much impact.

It is the most common Dirty practice to concentrate a cup of milk directly under the coffee handle, but such an operation can easily lead to a problem: if the extraction flow rate of the coffee liquid is too fast, or if a bottomless handle is used, the concentration will converge into a straight slender column of water, which breaks through the surface of the milk with a greater impact, and then mixes with the milk at the bottom of the cup, thus making Dirty not only without layering. It also lacks the tasting pleasure of "both Ice and Fire".

Therefore, in order to get a good-looking stratification effect, Qianjie suggests that it is best to use the shunt handle to extract and concentrate, and press the extraction key to keep the liquid level in the coffee cup as close to the outlet as possible, so that the oil can be retained more completely. the coffee liquid will also slowly sink along the cup wall, thus creating a gradual dirty effect.

If it is difficult to pick up the concentrate directly from the cup because of the limitation of the coffee machine at home, we can first put it in the shot cup, then stick a spoon on the surface of the milk to form a buffer layer, and then slowly pour the coffee liquid into the spoon, the spilled coffee liquid will automatically float on the surface of the milk.

Note: the spoon must be concave and face up, as usual, or it will spill ⬇️ all over the floor.

two。 The concentration of coffee liquid is not enough.

With regard to the coffee base of Dirty, a friend asked Qianjie whether the mocha pot can be replaced. Unfortunately, although the mocha pot does have a certain pressurization function, but due to the fineness of the equipment design in general, the parameters will not be particularly rigorous, the coffee liquid boiled out and the espresso of the Italian coffee machine still have a very big gap, even in the best state, it can only bring a thin layer of zongyong yellow foam, which will disappear after a few minutes, so the coffee made by the mocha pot is not suitable for making Dirty. Similarly, some prefabricated coffee liquid products, due to insufficient concentration and lack of oil, it is difficult to reproduce the delamination effect of Dirty.

It is generally believed that a delicate and rich espresso is a prerequisite for a cup of Dirty, so it is critical to have a pressurized coffee machine that can produce a standard espresso. In terms of coffee beans, Qianjie thinks it is best to choose Italian beans with deep baking, which can make it easier for us to make a cup of dirty coffee with rich taste and body at home.

3. I didn't choose the coffee cup.

In fact, the shape of the cup will also have a certain impact on the formation of layering effect. Qianjie noticed that a small partner would take a deep glass at home to make the milk, which was only half of the body of the glass, so that the mouth of the cup was far away from the liquid surface, so the milk would also be broken when concentrated.

If you want to make the Dirty more complete, you can get twice the result with half the effort by choosing the right coffee cup. In order to avoid turning over, you might as well choose a straight glass material of less than 8 ounces, fill the milk to eight minutes full, and put it in the refrigerator in advance if possible, so as to slow the downward infiltration of coffee liquid and provide a more beautiful layering effect.

4. Milk is too "water".

This usually happens to friends who want to be Dirty in a makeshift uprising, because it is not the raw material prepared in advance, but what milk is used at home, and eventually because the milk used is too thin to support the coffee liquid poured in, the two blend together as soon as they come into contact, not only visually muddy, but also without the strong fragrance of the store.

Previous street production experience, for example, Wei Ji, Wei Quan, Guangming fresh Ranch and other common types of milk on the market are good choices. Of course, if we have time, we can also make our own purified milk as the base, and the detailed production steps have been shared in the street before, "so that you can easily make your own ice bok at home!" ". Dirty made from purified milk is easier to form stable layering, has a longer drinking life, and has the unique taste of salted cheese.