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Be sure to pay attention to these details when making espresso! Why does the espresso machine need to drain water? How to clean the coffee machine?

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, Qianjie has shared many small details that need to be paid attention to when making espresso, but previous sharing mainly focused on aspects that have a greater impact on espresso extraction, such as parameters, cloth powder, etc. What Qianjie wants to share today are some small details that are very easy to ignore in terms of operation. Although compared to the first two,

Qianjie shared a lot of small details that need to be paid attention to in the production of Italian concentration, but the previous sharing mainly focused on the aspects that had a great impact on espresso extraction, such as parameters, cloth powder and so on. What Qianjie wants to share today is some small details that people can easily ignore in terms of operation.

Although compared with the former two, these effects will not be very great, but the negative effects accumulated over a long period of time should not be underestimated. So, let's take a look at the details that we need to pay attention to when extracting and concentrating.

First, without putting water before extraction and concentration, baristas often open the water valve and empty the hot water before buckling the handle to extract and concentrate.

The reason for this is that hot water is transferred from the tank to the head, and the journey goes through a longer section of pipe, which leaves hot water that was not released in time after the last extraction. Because these hot water have been kept for a long time, they have too many unstable factors (lower temperature and lower cleanliness) than the fresh hot water in the boiler! So we need to put the hot water for a while, and then use the brand new hot water to extract the coffee. At the same time, this "empty" water can also cool the overheated water distribution network and wash down the coffee stains that are not clean completely. So, you only need to open the sluice gate for a few seconds to get so many advantages! Why not do it?

2. if we don't take the handle for a long time after the extraction, we will begin to make the desired coffee (such as latte, American style, etc.) after the extraction is concentrated, and enjoy the delicious food immediately after it is done, completely ignoring the existence of the handle still fastened to the brewing head! Then put it down for a long time, which will increase the difficulty of cleaning. When we finish the extraction and concentration, the flushing head will absorb the hot water left in the powder bowl because of recoil, and then discharge it from the pressure relief valve. But what is adsorbed at this time is not only the hot water that is too late to permeate, but also some coffee powder.

When the coffee powder is sucked up by the recoil suction, it will stick to the water distribution network. And these fine powders will continue to be baked by the heat emitted by the water distribution network, and when the water is completely dried, there will be a scorched smell, and the adsorption will be more solid. The same is true for pressed powder, which is in a powder bowl! In just a few minutes, the moisture of pressed powder in the powder bowl will be dried, making it more adsorptive. If you want to knock out the pressed powder at this time, it will take more effort than usual, and because the adsorption is stronger, it will be more troublesome to clean. So for some friends who have a weak memory like Qianjie, it is best to take off the handle and withhold pressed powder after the extraction and concentration, and then start other operation procedures.

Third, buckle the handle on the brewing head for a long time, many friends will buckle the handle on the brewing head to keep warm when not extracting coffee, in order to reduce the instability when coming out of the cup. But it is precisely such an action that makes it easier to ignore the pressed powder that has not been taken out at the end of the extraction. After all, after the handle is fastened, we cannot judge from the appearance whether it is in the state of extraction or heat preservation.

Second, it will also have two negative situations! One is the effect on extraction. The aromatic substances in coffee beans are volatile and are more likely to volatilize at high temperatures. Therefore, if we use a heat-insulated high-temperature handle to extract and concentrate, then when the coffee powder is filled, the loss of aromatic substances will be greatly accelerated! If something happens to slow down your extraction at this time, it's easy to make a cup of espresso that tastes wrong.

Then there is a more important point: doing so will damage the apron! There will be a rubber ring in the water diversion network to stabilize the handle and prevent the coffee liquid from overflowing. But if we keep the handle on it to keep warm, the heat that should have been released will be detained and can only be released slowly through the cracks in the powder bowl! Although this can achieve the effect of heat preservation, but there is no place to release and constantly circulating heat wave will continue to bake rubber rings and accelerate aging. So it is usually best not to buckle the handle on the brewing head, if you need to let the handle maintain heat, then release hot water to preheat before extracting coffee! By the way, the watershed can be cleaned to remove the coffee powder stuck on the watershed, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

Fourth, the head has not been cleaned for a long time at the end of the extraction, although we will wash away the coffee powder left on the water distribution network by releasing water. However, the gap in the handle of the card around the water distribution network cannot be washed by hot water, and there will be very coffee powder residue inside, so after many times of extraction, we had better use the exclusive brush of the Italian coffee machine to wash these gaps to ensure that during the extraction and concentration of the handle on the card, there will not be too much fine powder falling from it.

The specific operation is to open the gate and release water at the same time, just wash it with hot water with a brush.