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Ordered takeout for a memorial ceremony, but only delivered empty bags and white water?!

Published: 2024-05-20 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory Yesterday, many well-known brands such as Tea Baidao and Mixue Ice City were shocked to see on the hot search list that many well-known brands issued apology statements. A series of hot searches made the onlookers confused. Wait until you go in and see, these brands that issued apology statements are voting for store employees.

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Yesterday, the hot search list one after another surprised tea Baidao, Honey Snow Ice City and other well-known brands issued statements of apology, a series of hot search to see the crowd unknown.

When we go in and have a look, the brands that issued the apology statements are apologizing for the empty takeout bags put by the store staff. Seeing this, some friends may still not understand how so many shop assistants of different brands have given empty takeout bags in a certain period of time.

It starts with a 21-year-old named Fat Cat. The young man chose to jump into the river to kill himself because of an emotional dispute. After the tragedy, the family members of the people involved said that the "fat cat" was thrifty and that the takeout he ordered was basically only about ten yuan.

Netizens everywhere sympathized with the young man's experience and spontaneously ordered takeout to be delivered to the Chongqing Yangtze River Bridge, where the incident occurred, as a memorial and mourning for the dead.

So on the evening of May 2, the railing of the Chongqing Yangtze River Bridge was covered with plain flowers and various takeout parcels, but netizens soon found that some of the takeout bags were empty packaging boxes and milk tea pretending to be plain boiled water. and most of these takeouts come from well-known chain brands such as Honeyue Ice City and Tea Road.

Consumers who place takeout orders believe that no matter whether the consignees can eat takeout normally or not, they have actually spent money, and the shopkeepers should make and serve meals in accordance with their own order requirements, and complete their own takeout transactions, instead of perfunctory consumers with empty takeout packages.

However, the clerk in the store involved mistakenly listened to remarks such as "other families are empty bags" and handled some takeout orders in the form of empty bags, which led to the incident of "multiple brands collectively placing empty takeout bags" that made the public extremely angry.

In the view of netizens, this behavior of shopkeepers is neither in line with the dining standards of the store, nor in line with the content of the order transaction between the two sides. A lawyer said in response to the matter that the store put in empty takeout bags, using white water instead of milk tea and other acts actually infringed on consumers' right to know, not only against integrity, but also belongs to consumer fraud.

The incident fermented quickly after it was released by various platforms, which attracted the attention of all parties, and the brands pointed out by netizens issued apologies one after another. At present, Honey Snow Ice City said it had asked the store concerned to close the store for rectification, contact the parties to apologize, and give 10 times the order amount compensation. The heads of other stores that received orders for the Yangtze River Bridge said they would attach importance to such orders and would take photos and record videos before packing and send them to the person who placed the order.

Tea Baidao said it had asked the store to fire the staff involved, deduct the store deposit in accordance with the company's store management system, and terminate the contract with them in accordance with the rules. If the order is involved, it will be refunded, apologized one by one, and compensated for 10 times the amount of the order. In addition, Tea Baidao said that it will donate 1 million yuan in the name of "fat cat."

This afternoon, Hongxing News said that it had called the Chongqing Market Regulatory Administration 12315 complaint hotline about the "empty takeout bag". The staff said that the local market regulatory authorities had known and noted that "any complaint must be investigated and dealt with, and reply to the consumer himself."

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