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"Selected by Allergy Sister"! The same drink has become a craze for exploring restaurants in Wuhan!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop A legendary story occurred in Wuhan coffee circles last Sunday: a customer called "allergic lady" by netizens asked 41 coffee shops for refunds on the grounds that the drink caused allergic symptoms after drinking it. After the incident attracted attention, many injured coffee shops have been renovated.

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A legendary story happened in Wuhan coffee circle on Sunday: a guest who was called "allergic sister" by netizens asked 41 coffee shops for refunds on the grounds that they had allergic symptoms after drinking drinks. After the incident aroused concern, a number of victimized coffee shops have collated the relevant evidence and jointly called the police, asking the parties to make a public apology to the victimized coffee shop.

After the incident was reported by the local media, local coffee lovers in Wuhan were indignant. After learning about the incident, many people sympathized with the coffee shop claimed by the "allergic sister" and spontaneously went to the coffee shop to consume support.

Non-local tourists who learned about this from various platforms may be out of sympathy and curiosity and changed Wuhan to their May Day travel plan, traveling thousands of miles just to drink a cup of "allergic sister with the same money."

In order to make it easier for tourists to know and clock in the victimized coffee shop, well-intentioned netizens have sorted out the allergy list of Wuhan coffee shop and the map of Wuhan victimized coffee shop, some of which are also intimate notes on the allergens in the drinks, reminding experimenters to avoid risks.

Many coffee shops that prove that they have been patronized by "allergic sisters" have launched "allergic sister same-style" drinks at the request of customers, and eye-catching posters have also been posted in the stores. And some restaurants that have not been affected by allergies also want to take advantage of this opportunity to "thank the allergic sister for not drinking" and "is the allergic sister unworthy of our shop?" And other posts to attract attention.

As local coffee lovers say, "allergic Sister" not only has no intention to promote the construction of a number of coffee collective teams in Wuhan, but also adds a "Coffee Allergy Festival" in Wuhan that does not need any organizers to organize or plan.

This activity with the theme of "coffee allergy" brings tremendous traffic to Wuhan coffee circle. Some coffee shops with depressed business have attracted attention because of this, and the sales of "allergic sister" in the shop have soared and become a hot product in the store recently. Some coffee shop owners said frankly that there has been a lot of increase in in-store orders recently, and sometimes they have to temporarily close the takeout channel and reprepare the raw materials because they have run out of materials.

A shopkeeper who originally planned to close the shop in June said that he did not expect that he would get so much attention on the Internet for compensating "allergic sisters." most of the small stores were patronized by regular customers around, but now they are full of shops. sometimes when guests come, there is no place to sit down. The unexpected huge traffic not only brings customers from all over the world, but also doubles the business of the store.

However, the shopkeeper said that he knows that the current hot traffic is temporary, and it is not easy to say whether the store can take this opportunity to turn visitors into repeat customers. As for whether to change his mind and continue to operate, or to close the shop according to the original plan after the attention of the incident, the shopkeeper said that he would have to wait and see for a while.

After all, shopkeepers know that if stores want to operate for a long time and let consumers recognize their brands and all kinds of products, it is far from enough to rely on the heat and flow brought by an "allergic sister".

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