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Coffee production is halved! Severe damage to the coffee producing area of Sulawesi Island in Indonesia may increase coffee prices

Published: 2024-05-20 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/05/20, Recently, extreme weather has occurred frequently around the world, and climate change is hitting Asia hard. In recent days, due to severe weather, many areas in Indonesia have experienced disasters such as heavy rains, floods, volcanic eruptions and landslides, which have damaged many industries in the country, including the coffee industry. Earlier, West Java Province, Indonesia

Recently, extreme weather has occurred frequently all over the world, and climate change is hitting Asia hard. Recently, due to bad weather, many parts of Indonesia have been hit by torrential rains, floods, volcanic eruptions, landslides and other disasters, causing damage to many industries in the country, including the coffee industry.

Earlier, landslides and floods occurred in several areas of West Java, Indonesia. Floods and landslides caused by torrential rains occurred in western Sumatra. Many houses and farms were destroyed, and many bridges and schools were damaged.

Recently, according to the Indonesian National disaster Management Authority (BNPB), Indonesia's South Sulawesi Province suffered heavy rain, in the early morning of the 3rd, due to continuous heavy rainfall, caused floods and landslides.

At present, the worst-hit area is in Luwu County, South Sulawesi Province. According to authorities, a total of 1867 houses have been affected by the floods, which have washed away roads and bridges and killed at least 15 people in many places.

In addition, high-intensity rainfall also occurred in Suopeng County, South Sulawesi Province (Soppeng). Due to heavy rainfall, many local rivers and rivers were flooded, and thousands of hectares of farmland were inundated.

In addition, in Xideng Lun Lapang County (Sidenreng Rappang) in South Sulawesi Province, nearly 700 houses were reported to have been flooded, many of which were destroyed. Including the above areas, seven areas in South Sulawesi Province were flooded.

It is understood that in Sulawesi Island, it is divided into six provinces: East, South, West, North, Central Sulawesi and Columdalo. Among them, South Sulawesi Province mainly grows rice, corn, coconut and coffee.

The torrential rains, floods, and landslides mainly affected South Sulawesi Province, but the current disasters have had less impact on the region's Arabica boutique producing areas, and the region's Robusta coffee producing area has been severely affected.

And it is still in the collection period of Robusta coffee in Indonesia, so it has been seriously damaged. In addition, since the beginning of this year, Indonesia has been affected by bad weather. After high temperatures and droughts, Indonesia has been hit by heavy rainfall and floods, seriously affecting the local coffee and other agricultural industries.

Originally, in April, most parts of Indonesia were supposed to enter the dry season, but the Indonesian Meteorological Bureau predicted that the dry season would be delayed due to unstable climate, which would affect the growth of agricultural products. and now we need to be on guard against the potential effects of flash floods, landslides and extreme weather.

According to local producers, coffee production on some islands is expected to decrease by 20% this year due to weather disasters, and the total national production will be reduced by 50%. In addition, since most of the victims of the disaster are in the Robusta producing areas of the country, it is expected to push up production and prices of Robusta in the future.