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Power outage, sewage spray! Coffee Festival was hit by heavy rain and the pause button was pressed

Published: 2024-05-20 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Due to the influence of strong convective weather, most areas in Guangdong were soaked in rain during the May Day holiday. Heavy rain suddenly fell yesterday afternoon, and many places issued different levels of rainstorm warnings. Heavy rain fell from the sky, extinguishing the heat at the Shenzhen Coffee Festival event site

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Due to the influence of severe convective weather, most parts of Guangdong during the May Day holiday were soaked by Rain Water, and there was a sudden rainstorm yesterday afternoon, issuing rainstorm warnings of varying degrees in many places. The pouring rain poured down from the sky, extinguishing the enthusiasm at the scene of the Shenzhen Coffee Festival.

From the pictures and videos released by the stall owners and tourists, the heavy rain in Shenzhen caught everyone off guard. The temporary stalls set up in the square are not made of waterproof material. Although they can withstand the rain of the previous few days, they cannot withstand the heavy rain of yesterday.

There were varying degrees of water leakage on the roofs of various stalls, and the stall owners tried to find ways to avoid the need for umbrellas in the stalls, but the orange warning torrential rain made the remedial measures of some stalls useless only for a while. Some stall owners were having fun in the process of collecting and pouring water, saying that they were like celebrating a water-splashing festival in Xishuangbanna.

To the surprise of the organizers and stall owners, the heavy rain did not stop at all, but became more and more serious. The whole square seemed to be covered by rain curtains, and the large inflatable mascot placed at the corner of the street leaked under the critical blow of Rain Water, and the whole device collapsed to the ground.

Apart from the fact that there was a heavy rainstorm in the house, what made the stall owners even more helpless was the power outage at the scene due to continuous heavy rains. Some stall owners wanted to struggle, but the equipment caused by the power outage could not be used properly, so they had to give up opening stalls in the rain and use materials such as plastic film to protect the equipment that could not be easily moved indoors, hurriedly ending today's operation.

Just when everyone was busy with "rescue and disaster relief", some people found that several drains in the square hill began to emit yellow sewage, and the stench spread. The abundant Rain Water brought by this short-term heavy rainfall did not have time to be drained away by the sewers, but caused the backflow of groundwater around the shopping mall, and underground sewage gushed out from the drain, spreading throughout the event site.

Water leakage from the roof, power outages at the scene, and cross-flow of sewage, and a series of triple blows completely dispirited some people at the site. Most of the stall owners protected the equipment and equipment on the stalls and went to the mall to take shelter from the rain. A small number of stalls that do not need electricity still insist on opening stalls on rainy days after taking waterproof measures, earning a little more.

A torrential rain has caused various emergencies to occur frequently, which makes people doubt that the organizers and venue providers have not prepared emergency plans for extreme weather, neither prepared waterproof ceilings for these outdoor stalls, nor taken into account problems such as power supply and blockage of drains, so that the venue is in chaos, which not only spoils the good mood of tourists, but also may cause stall owners to suffer economic losses.

In this regard, many locals said that the weather in Guangdong has been cloudy and sunny recently, and the weather forecast is difficult to accurately predict the weather on that day, so the event organizers and the shopping malls providing the venue can be forgiven for failing to cope with the sudden rainstorm. After the incident, the mall coordinator carried out emergency repairs to restore the power supply as quickly as possible and drain the sewage from the ground.

As for the day that "disappeared" due to torrential rain, this afternoon, the organizers of the event said that they would compensate the stall owners by postponing the event by one day. Tourists who were disappointed by the heavy rain yesterday can come to the scene for a drink before the official end of the event tomorrow.

Picture from: Xiao Hong Shu

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