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Does the coffee cup really need to be warm? Would it taste better to make Italian style with ice cups and make coffee by hand?

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, So far, no matter what kind of coffee, people will preheat the container holding the coffee through various methods before it is officially made! For example, flushing with hot water,"cooking" on a coffee maker, etc. These actions can increase the temperature of the container and reduce the temperature of the coffee caused by temperature differences, so the coffee will not be cold

So far, no matter what kind of coffee, people will preheat the container of coffee in various ways before it is officially made! For example, use hot water to wash, put on the coffee machine "cooking" and so on.

These actions can raise the temperature of the container and reduce the temperature drop of the coffee due to the temperature difference, so the coffee will not get cold too fast. But since people realized that temperature will have an impact on coffee taste, more and more people no longer preheat coffee cups and instead use normal temperature cups for coffee production. Especially in summer, guests do not have to drink hot coffee, but also can feel the flavor of coffee more obviously. According to this principle, Mr. Sasa Sestic, the founder of the original plan, invented Paragon ice hockey to cool coffee. This ice hockey can cool the coffee in the moment it is extracted, and the aroma of coffee can be better sensed at low temperatures. As a result, some netizens asked: if we refrigerate the cups that receive coffee, can the cups at low temperatures provide the same effect?

Qianjie is also very curious, so let's have a try! Can you produce coffee with a refrigerated cup? can it have a similar effect?

In the brewing experiment, we are divided into two groups, one is Italian coffee, the other is hand-brewed coffee. Because the temperature is changed after the end of the extraction, it will not affect the extraction rate of the coffee, but will only change the temperature of the coffee. The specific temperature and the performance of the coffee are exactly the purpose of this experiment.

So, let's start with Italian concentration. The coffee beans used in Italian concentration are still the warm sun mixture of Qianjie, 20g powder, 1:2 powder-liquid ratio, and then the extraction time is 30 seconds. We use room temperature and ice cups respectively to pick up the concentrate.

(ice cup) the normal temperature cup is concentrated to 74 °C, and its taste is the normal manifestation of warm sun blending: whisky, butter cookies, and slightly sour berries, while the concentration temperature is reduced to 54 °C. it still has a strong whisky flavor and cream sweetness! Compared with the high temperature concentration, it will be better to taste, although the acid quality has been improved, but it is also very soft, the whole is full and round.

(the concentration has cooled down at the time of shooting, subject to the above temperature) so let's try the hand-brewed coffee. The beans used in the hand-brewed coffee are the Eleta Rose Summer of 90 + Manor, which is a completely different existence from the regular Rose Summer. Because this rose summer has adopted the special treatment method of 90 + company, so it will not have the traditional flower fragrance and fruit rhyme like the traditional rose summer, but the rare taste of spices and longan. The extraction parameters are as follows: the powder quantity is 15g, the ratio of powder to water is 15g, the water temperature is 92 °C, the grinding degree is 9.5g of ek43, the screening rate of No. 20 sieve is 85%, the cooking method is three-stage, and the filter cup is V60.

(if there is too much conventional brewing, the picture shows ice cup brewing.) the brewing time of both is controlled at about 1 minute and 50 seconds. The final temperature of the hand-brewed coffee received by the normal temperature sharing pot is 68 °C. it tastes of longan, spices, grapes and cocoa, while the final temperature of the ice cup is 60 °C, and its taste does not change much except for a slight improvement in sour taste.

From the above experiments, we can see that the production of espresso is indeed affected by the temperature of the cup, so that the taste experience has been greatly changed. As for hand-brewed coffee, it has changed, but not much. The reason is that the amount of coffee liquid is too much, and the cold cup can not cause much change, so the temperature drop is only about 8 °C, and the change in taste is very small, but if we don't bother, it is not impossible to use multiple ice cups to take over the brewing, but it is important to know that not all coffee is suitable for the cooling effect brought by ice cups. The decrease in the temperature of coffee will make us more sensitive to sour and bitter taste, which is not friendly to some coffee with a prominent sour and bitter taste. And if there are friends who want to practice, it must be noted that the ice cups used in the experiment must be very thick! Otherwise, it is easy to have the risk of cup cracking because of the excessive temperature difference. -END-