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Not falling, but rising! Tims Tianhao Coffee responds to price increases of some products

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| After the daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop short holiday, all walks of life have returned to work in an orderly manner. However, the consumer circle after the holiday is full of price increases, large and small. From scenic spot tickets to high-speed rail travel, from coffee to milk tea, every price increase news makes people feel sorry for their money

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After short holiday, all kinds of industries have been restored to work in an orderly manner. However, the post-holiday consumer circle is full of price increases, large and small, from scenic spot tickets to high-speed rail travel, from coffee to milk tea, every price increase news makes people feel sorry for their wallets.

Recently, many early eight people were surprised to find that the price of bagels they often ordered went up when they bought breakfast in Tims. If they take a closer look, the prices of most bagels have been raised, with an increase of about 1-2 yuan. Faced with the "bad news" on the first day of work after the holiday, workers said that "wallets that were not rich are now even worse."

Some price-sensitive consumers have noticed that this is not the first time Tims has raised prices this year. A customer posted his recent store order, and the same package experienced two price increases from March this year to the previous few days. The package price rose from 32.9 to 37.9 in less than half a year, and the package price has risen to 5 yuan. This Tims regular said bluntly that he was "getting more and more unaffordable."

In addition, it was noted today that the takeout package for Tims's members' Day on Wednesday has been adjusted, reducing the choice of bagels to three, discouraging consumers who want to take advantage of the membership day. The price of some products has gone up and the size of the package has shrunk. The silent price operation of Tims has greatly dissatisfied loyal users and aroused concern from all parties.

So today, Nanduwan Finance Agency reporter on the "Tims good China to raise the price of products" to consult the brand side. The other party responded that the pricing of some products across the country had been adjusted, but it would not affect coffee products. As for the reason for the sudden price increase, Tims explained that it was decided by the company after a comprehensive evaluation and consideration of operating costs and other factors.

Compared with other coffee chains, what Tims is remembered by the public is not coffee, but its warm food with coffee, among which bagel is the star product of Tims stores. Tims sold about 9.5 million bagels in 2022, reflecting its popularity among consumers.

Based on this, Tims implements the strategy of "coffee + warm food", and this strategic adjustment also brings substantial changes to the brand.

In its 2023 annual report released by Tims in the middle of last month, Tims's revenue was 1.576 billion yuan, up 55.9% from a year earlier, and an adjusted net loss of 434 million yuan, a 5.45% reduction. At the same time, "Coffee + warm Food" has also made more consumers remember this coffee brand from Canada, and the brand awareness and influence have also been significantly improved.

And Tims this sudden and comprehensive price increase will undoubtedly hit some loyal users, many consumers have said bluntly that they are because of Tims bagel will issue orders for consumption, although the current increase is not large, but there is no advance notice of the price increase measures make people uncomfortable, perhaps will not buy again.

However, the price increase of some products is not so rejected by the workers in the store. After all, as bagel prices rise, store orders may decrease, which is a little more leisure for them.

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