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When going to the toilet, Ruixing employees were forced to close the store!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Since most stores under Ruixing's offline have been adjusted to one person on duty, Ruixing's friends have had a lot of daily worries. As soon as I took off my apron and went to the bathroom, I came back to see the receipt machine constantly spitting out receipts. There were already several people waiting to pick up meals outside the bar.

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Since most of Lucky's offline stores have been adjusted to one person on duty, Rui Lucky's friends have had a lot of trouble every day.

As soon as I took off my apron and went to the bathroom, when I came back, I saw that the receipt machine kept spitting out receipts. There were already several customers and riders waiting to pick up food outside the bar, so they had to shake coffee in their hands hurriedly. Occasionally distracted to appease impatient customers.

Many lucky friends have probably encountered this situation. They may refer to the way that the same Manner on duty beat the workers, and as soon as they leave the bar, they put a label in a conspicuous place to inform the guests to the store. Or take a store cell phone, watch the bar monitor while going to the toilet, and as soon as you see a special situation in the bar, you will run back to your post as soon as you pick up your pants.

But even if you are so careful that you don't even dare to waste an extra second in the bathroom, you will occasionally get bad reviews because of your short absence from the post, which affects your performance and your salary. As a result, recently, many lucky workers have chosen the most direct way to ensure that they can solve their personal problems-forcing the shop to close.

Employees said that when a person is on duty, he will always encounter situations such as the need to go to the toilet or go to the warehouse alone to organize inventory, and when the bar is unattended, forced shop closure is undoubtedly the best choice. If you choose to close the shop, customers will not be able to place an order either on the delivery platform or on Mini Program, without prompting or urging the guests. The clerk who uses this method says that "only by forcing the shop closure can you go to the toilet without any worries."

Although the compulsory closure of stores once and for all, but some people say that this operation is not suitable for all stores, so most people choose to stop water, stop coffee beans and other operations to suspend the normal acceptance of orders in stores, so that they can feel at ease to solve personal problems.

Apart from teasing, friends hope that the store can end the working status of one person on duty as soon as possible. Many people say that as soon as they stand at the bar, they dare not drink water at all for fear that they will have to go to the toilet if they drink too much. Even if there is a physical need, it will be "unbearable" before reporting and leaving for a while. Some employees said that once they opened early, they did not dare to eat or drink breakfast or water. On the one hand, it was a waste of time, and on the other hand, they could reduce the number of times they left the bar.

The dilemma of one person on the job is not only staged by Lucky, but also by employees such as Manner and Cudy. In order to eat on time and pursue the efficiency of store production, most of the clerks dare not leave the bar because of personal problems, and they can only bear the emergency on their own, and they may have to face the responsibility of the management when everything happens.

Consumers also have a problem with this. Some people said they were embarrassed to rush when they went to a lucky store and saw only one employee circling around in the bar. Others said that since the chain brand implemented one person on duty, the overall decline in the work efficiency and service quality of the store, although it has not changed, but the quality control is not as good as it used to be.

It is undeniable that the brand needs to take into account all aspects in order to make a profit, and the labor cost also needs to be controlled and adjusted by the brand. The act of having one less employee in the store can save the store some operating expenses, but understaffed stores may close from time to time, which may damage the brand image in the long run.

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