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Can iced coffee cool down through ice? What methods can I quickly cool coffee liquor?

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, When talking about the top ice drinks in cafes in summer, in addition to the "star players" who have ranked first all year round, such as Ice American, Cold Extract, and Ice Drop, Ice Hand Chong is undoubtedly the most popular one. It is not only refreshing and pleasant, soft sour, sweet and clear, but also refreshing and quenching your thirst under the action of ice cubes. It can definitely be called a summer cool-off

If there are any top ice drinks in summer cafes, apart from ice American coffee, cold extract, ice drops and other "star players" who are at the top of the list all the year round, Ice hand Chong is undoubtedly the most popular one. It is not only refreshing and pleasant, soft sour, sweet and clear, but also refreshing and quench thirst under the action of ice. It can definitely be called a good product to relieve summer heat.

There are usually two mainstream ice hand brewing solutions: one is to put the ice into a pot, then pour water into the pot according to the calculated proportion, and then shake it well to taste it; the other is to pour out a pot of hot coffee with a high concentration, and then cool it to get a pot of cold black coffee by rinsing back and forth between the ice cubes, which is generally called "over the ice."

Of course, in addition to the above two conventional schemes, friends who know how to improvise in daily life have also created many exclusive versions of ice hand flushing. For example, a friend in the front street will first put ice cubes into the thermos on weekdays, and pour in a pot of coffee with high concentration before going out. When the company arrives, the ice will just cool and dilute the hot coffee, and the thermos can also play a shaking role. Let the ice and coffee get more full integration.

Not long ago, Qianjie surfing also brushed a very creative ice cooling method, that is, without adjusting the grinding degree, powder-to-water ratio and other parameters, through the "ice bath" to obtain external cooling, so as to replace coffee liquid direct contact with ice cubes, the aim is to reduce the light taste caused by melting ice into water. It sounds very interesting, and I can't help but want to operate it in front of the street. I quickly copy out the usual fruit plate in the store and rush right away.

Considering that this "ice bath" method is not directly added with ice, so it is not affected by the dilution of ice, the concentration of coffee liquid flowing into the next pot remains the same, so Qianjie here uses the parameter frame of hot hand flushing for extraction:

Coffee beans: Emerald Manor Green Standard Water washing Rosa Powder quantity: 15g Powder / Water ratio: 1:15 Grinding degree: Ek43s scale 10 Lattice Water temperature: 92 °C filter Cup: ice pupil B75 Water injection technique: three-stage

Qianjie first prepared a bowl of ice-water mixture on the electronic scale, then placed the glass for coffee liquid (refrigerated in advance in the refrigerator) smoothly in it, aligned the drain hole of the filter cup, and then returned the electronic weighing at the bottom to zero. You can begin formal water injection extraction.

Because the coffee liquid depends on the external ice water to cool physically, the cooling rate is very slow. With the help of the thermometer, the coffee liquid falling into the ice cup is about 45 ~ 50 °C. during the cooling process, the front street also shakes the internal coffee liquid quickly to dissipate heat by shaking the cup. finally, it took nearly 10 minutes for the temperature to drop to 10 °C.

In order to make a comparison, Qianjie here also uses conventional ice flushing (adding ice first) and icing to extract the same coffee bean.

Coffee beans: Emerald Manor Green Standard washing Rose Summer Powder quantity: 15g Powder / Water ratio: 1:10 (100g large ice cubes) Grinding: Ek43s scale 9.5G Water temperature: 92 °C filter Cup: ice pupil B75

Water injection technique: three-stage type

First ice group: as the temperature of the coffee liquid has come down, the remaining ice will melt more slowly, when the coffee entrance is a fresh aroma of white flowers, citrus and blueberries, accompanied by cherry-like sweet and sour, moderate concentration, the overall taste is very light. But as the ice gradually melts into crushed ice at room temperature, all the flavors tend to fade away, and the coffee tastes with a little water.

Ice group: the end point of the front street flushing ice is that the temperature of the coffee liquid drops to 10 °C, but at this time some of the ice has not melted, so the concentration will be higher than the previous group. Coffee tastes like Tieguanyin green tea, lemon and milk sugar. The aroma is more concentrated and the taste is more round.

Ice bath group: after tasting in Qianjie, it was found that the flavor of iced coffee made by ice bath cooling method was the best among the three groups, with the aroma of jasmine, melon, black tea and cream, with a little orange-like juice, and the sweetness was very clear. it feels like drinking a cup of freshly squeezed Sugar cane juice.

As the saying goes, you can't have both a fish and a bear's paw. In fact, no matter which scheme is adopted to make ice punch, the advantages and disadvantages are obvious. If it is the first ice brewing scheme, the operation step is undoubtedly the most convenient, but because the ice will be diluted and the latter part of the substance is missing, the flavor of the coffee will be slightly weaker than the hot flush, especially in the aftertaste and other aromas. Similarly, the use of the ice form also "abandons" the tail, and more ice is needed to support the whole cooling process.

Like the ice cooling method tried in Qianjie today, the advantage is that the good flavor can be retained more, making the final iced coffee more layered without being affected by ice. As for the disadvantage, you have to spend a lot of ice and patiently wait for a long cooling process.

Forget it, Qianjie is going to freeze ice cubes now!


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