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The satirical cup set is removed from the shelf! The fragrant traffic drops a little fast!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory Recently, the well-known domestic milk tea brand Xiangpiao has become an active member on the hot search list. There has been a hot search associated with it for several days, becoming an eye-catching "light of domestic products." The reason why Fragrant Piao will become so popular in a short period of time is that we must go from one person to another.

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Recently, the domestic well-known milk tea brand Xiang Piaopiao has become an active member on the hot search list, and there has been a hot search associated with it for several days, becoming an eye-catching "light of domestic products".

The reason why Xiang Piao will be so hot in a short period of time should start from a netizen who travels to Japan. The netizen noticed a fragrant drink on the beverage cabinet of a Chinese supermarket in Japan, which is basically the same as domestic products, except for a printed word cup cover that mocks Japan's nuclear-contaminated water in both Chinese and Japanese.

This "satirical cup cover" immediately ignited the patriotic mood of netizens, praising the brand side "well done" one after another, and adding the cup cover was the personal behavior of the internal staff of Xiangpiao, but the upsurge of netizens did not cool down. Xiang Piaopiao also published a picture and text after the incident, saying, "our employees are good!" The official statement made netizens even more excited, giving likes and comments on this Weibo post.

On May 5, Chairman Xiang Piaopiao personally went to the airport to pick up the returning employees who went to Japan and called them "warriors." That night, General Manager Xiang Piaopiao walked into the studio and said that he would reward "good employees" 100000 yuan, using practical actions to show the brand's support for the employees' behavior.

A series of actions made Xiang Piao quickly get a lot of traffic, and the goods in the widely circulated pictures were snapped up by consumers, and the daily sales of the studio soared from 2500 yuan to 1 million yuan, an increase of 400 times. Affected by it, the share price of Xiangpiao opened by the daily limit on May 6, and was in the limelight for a while and successfully went out of the circle.

However, the reversal of things was caught off guard. Many people find a clue from the picture, questioning the behavior of "satirizing the sun cup cover" may be hype auction. Subsequently, the media asked the Japanese local supermarket whether to sell fragrant products with cup covers, and got a negative response from the other side. In addition, Xiang Piao also stressed that adding cup covers was a personal behavior of employees in the face of media inquiries.

Doubts arose one after another, so much so that Xiang Piaopiao changed the "Buy Li Gift Hot search same style Cup cover" in the studio to "the Light of domestic products", and the hotly debated "ironic Day Cup cover" was also removed from the shelves on May 8. On the same day, the share price of Xiang Piaopiao fell, and soaring sales returned to the daily average in the debate over the hype.

Although "Pu Tianfu Gui" only stayed in the hands of Xiang Piaopiao for a few days, the incident also brought fragrance and brewing milk tea back to public view. With the development of current tea drinks and the changes in consumers' concept of healthy diet, milk tea powder made from plant fat powder is no longer loved by young people, which greatly affects the growth of brewing milk tea. it also makes the fragrance of "the first share of Chinese milk tea" feel a sense of crisis.

After the rise of existing tea brands such as Xi Tea and Honey Snow Ice City, Xiangpiao experienced three consecutive years of decline after 2020, which forced the brand to transform and launch ready-to-drink products that are more in line with the needs of contemporary consumers. The "ironic day cup set" in this incident is also set on the fragrant ready-to-drink products, so that such products are sold out in just a few days.

The popularity of "satirizing the day is trapped" has brought attention and flow to the fragrance, but when the questioning of the auction arises, it affects not only the sales volume of the product, the stock price of the company, but also the image of the brand over the years. It remains to be seen whether the opportunity to fall on this day is a blessing or a curse for fragrance.

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