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Only 15% off when placing orders on behalf of you! Customer: What are members for?

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop In order to make consumers become loyal users, most chain brands will introduce membership systems and use various membership benefits to attract consumers to spend long-term. Among them, the most practical benefit for consumers is probably membership discounts. a

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In order to make consumers become loyal users, chain brands mostly introduce membership system, using a variety of member benefits to attract consumers to spend for a long time. Among them, for consumers, the most practical benefit is probably the member discount.

A loyal user of Mstand said that he chose Mstand's black gold card members to enjoy a 50% discount before signing up and spending for a long time. Recently, however, the user noticed that the description of the rights and interests of the Mstand electronic membership card mentioned that "members will be downgraded if they spend more than 6000 yuan during the validity period to maintain the current membership registration."

After rough calculation, the user concluded that he who already has a black gold membership card needs to buy 316 cups of drinks priced at 38 yuan (19 yuan after discount) in order to accumulate enough points to achieve the relegation condition. If you stack up membership coupons, recharge discounts and other discounts, you will only need more drinks than 316 cups.

For loyal users of the brand, buying a drink every day, coupled with other consumption such as buying around the brand and selling drinks for friends, may also reach 6000 yuan within a year. However, the user found that he placed an order for a friend several times and then was blocked by the system.

To the disbelief of the Mstand fan, scalpers who placed orders on the second-hand platform were not bothered by the system, and their beverage discounts were up to 15% off, much lower than the 50% discount on their black gold membership cards.

The fan believes that Mstand does not allow members to place orders on their behalf, but acquiesce in the existence of scalpers who place orders on behalf of second-hand platforms, and even scalpers offer lower discounts than member discounts, which is unfair to long-term Mstand consumers.

The brand implements the membership system, through consumption points, preferential discounts and other benefits so that loyal users enjoy services different from ordinary consumers. In contrast, members will continue to spend in order to enjoy more benefits.

The same is true of Mstand's membership system, where consumers can enjoy corresponding levels of discounts after registration, and can also accumulate consumption points in exchange for gifts. However, in the view of many members, Mstand has a lot of member benefits, but in terms of discounts that consumers value most, they are not as good as scalpers who place orders on their behalf.

Some consumers say that after they get cheaper Mstand products through ordering channels, they no longer work hard to accumulate and impact higher membership levels and give up their original membership.

On the other hand, for the scalpers who place orders on the second-hand platform, the brand does not take any substantive action to stop this kind of behavior. on the contrary, the system closes the member account after detecting that the user has placed an order for a friend. This measure looks like a "backstab" to loyal members and is unwilling to continue to spend for the sake of a membership.

Consumers generally choose prices that are more favorable to them when trading, so purchasing agents, issuing orders and other behaviors will exist on various platforms. But when the contemporary order is seriously unequal to the discount of the member, the brand may lose some loyal users because of acquiescing in the existence of the order.

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