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How do you make rose summer coffee beans? What is rose summer? What should I pay attention to when baking Geisha? Points for making coffee by hand!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, Consumer goods with unique, scarce, and rare characteristics are internationally defined as "luxury goods", and the price of such items is usually linked to their quality, so generally speaking, luxury goods are relatively expensive. In the field of coffee, there are also coffee beans similar to "luxury goods", which

Consumer goods with unique, rare and rare characteristics are internationally defined as "luxury goods", and the price of such goods is usually linked to their quality, so generally speaking, luxury goods are more expensive. In the field of coffee, there are also similar to "luxury" coffee beans, it is: "Rose Summer".

As we all know, the price of rose summer has always been higher than that of conventional coffee varieties, because of its excellent flavor, low yield and high difficulty in planting, so it has created its characteristics of high quality and scarcity, so the price will naturally be higher. (Qianjie here refers to the regular rose summer price, which is not a serious premium and is out of proportion to the taste.) as a result, most of our friends are always very conservative when cooking, fearing that it will wash away this expensive delicacy. But it may be because they are afraid to fight, resulting in a mediocre taste. So, don't be afraid ~ Qianjie will share how to make a cup of rosy summer coffee today!

What is Rose Summer?

The name "Rose Summer" actually comes from the transliteration of "Geisha". Like Ironka and bourbon, it belongs to a variety of coffee under the Arabica category. The reason why Rose Summer is so famous is all due to the fact that in 2004, Jade Manor used it to participate in the BOP competition, and then Rose Summer bloomed with excellent flowers to win the championship. Since then, the rose summer variety has reached its peak, countless people are addicted to it, and countless people have tried to pull it down with other beans, but to this day, the rose summer dynasty is still alive.

We can take a look at the rose summer beans, compared with other common beans, the appearance of rose summer will be larger, longer, slightly exposed at both ends, showing an oval shape as a whole.

(green label Rose Summer of Jadeite Manor)

Because its appearance is rich in memory, we can also find the existence of rose summer at a glance in some single beans (rose summer mix, mixed with rose summer and other beans, picked, processed, and sold).

(this is a mix of rose summer from Panama: flower butterfly, this bean contains 70% rose summer, you can try to tell ~)

As mentioned at the beginning, Rose summer will be more demanding for planting, it needs a better planting environment to grow healthily. And it is precisely because of this requirement that Rose Summer has richer time for nutrition absorption, resulting in higher bean density and hardness.

When baking, if we still use a fast pace to bake such beans, then it will be easy to appear the appearance of cooked beans, the bean core is not ripe state. Therefore, Qianjie generally in the baking roses in the summer, will appropriately extend the baking time, so that heat can fully infiltrate into the bean core to avoid entanglement. For Rose Summer, medium and shallow baking will be more suitable for it, because this degree of baking can appropriately reduce its acidity and highlight the unique floral flavor of Rose Summer! Therefore, after the explosion begins, Qianjie will develop for about 1 minute and 20 seconds before it comes out (depending on beans).

(the picture is for reference only)

So, how can Rosa Rosa taste good?

We often hear such a saying: as long as the bean is of good quality, it tastes good no matter how hard it is. That's true, but, uh, rose summer is so expensive, so it shouldn't taste good, but also let us feel its characteristics? so it is also important to rush out the characteristics of rose summer. The rose summer cooked this time is green standard rose summer, and the amount of powder used is 15g ~.

As Qianjie said, rose summer beans are large and dense. So to extract it, we need to use a higher water temperature, which is 92 °C in front of the street. As for the choice of grinding, Qianjie uses a slightly thicker scale than before to grind it, and the screening rate of the No. 20 screen is 78%. Because of the high density, rose summer will be more likely to sink to the bottom, so fine powder will be more likely to cause clogging, so we need to use thicker grinding to reduce the occurrence of clogging.

On the other hand, after rough grinding, we need to increase the values of other parameters to correct the missing extraction rate, and the powder-to-water ratio is the right choice. 1:16 is adopted in Qianjie, on the one hand, the increase of water quantity can prolong the extraction time and correct the extraction rate, on the other hand, there are fewer bitter substances in Rosa Rosa, so we can greedily extract more flavor substances, so it is the kind of coffee that is often said in Qianjie, even if the extraction rate is not in the range of gold cup extraction.

When brewing, we need to know that the density of rose summer is high, so the water absorption rate is slower. If we still use 30ml hot water for steaming, it is easy to cause too much water in the bypass. Therefore, we can appropriately reduce the amount of water during steaming and reduce the growth of bypass water. Similarly, the steaming time is 30 seconds, just wet the coffee powder with water from the inside to the outside.

After the steaming is over, you can start to inject the second stage of hot water! The amount of water allocated to this section by Qianjie is 120ml, so that the extraction time can be properly extended and the flavor can be more comprehensive. In the same way of injection, first circle from the center to the outside, and then circle continuously at a uniform speed until the target water is injected, and the time is about 1 minute.

Then we need to wait for the water level to drop so that we can see the bottom powder bed! If there is nothing wrong with your water injection technique, the slowly falling water level will gradually reveal a "small bowl" powder pit. When the time is about 1 minute 15 seconds to 20 seconds, the water level will drop to the position where you can see the powder bed, then we can inject the third section of hot water.

The amount of water in the last section of hot water is 95ml, because the whole powder bed has formed a bowl, and the coffee powder originally located on the surface is evenly distributed on the cup wall, so now we can extract the bottom coffee powder which is not fully extracted in the first two stages. So we use the method of water injection is: uniform speed around a small circle.

And this small circle is the size of a coin. The water will be injected in about 1 minute and 35 seconds. So at this point, all we need to do is wait for the coffee liquid to finish filtering!

After the coffee drops are filtered, we shake and shake, and we can begin to taste it.

The fragrance of rose summer coffee made in this way is fragrant and sour, and the flavors of white flowers, citrus and melon can be clearly sensed by us. The silky touch of honey and the long green tea tail are all excellent performances of this cup of coffee. Let's give it a try.