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Municipal Supervision Bureau intervened! The moldy incident of Ruixing ice cubes has attracted attention from many parties

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| In the past two days, the issue of "Ruixing Coffee was exposed to ice cubes and mold" has become a hot topic on the Internet. During this period, it once became a hot search topic, attracting attention from all parties. The cause of the incident originated from a video. The customer in the video, Mr. Wang, stands in Qichun, Huanggang, Hubei

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These two days, "Luckin Coffee was exposed that the ice is moldy" has become a hot topic on the Internet, during which it was once rushed into a hot search and aroused the attention of all parties. The cause of the incident came from a video.

Mr. Wang, the customer in the video, stood in front of a Luckin Coffee bar in Huanggang Qichun, Hubei Province, showing the clerk his finished drink, saying that he and his friend had bought five cups of coffee in the store. One of the friends, who did not like to drink with a straw, opened the lid of the cold drink and found that there were several obvious black spots in the ice in the cup.

(the video was taken from Sohu's clairvoyance.)

Mr. Wang thought the ice was moldy, so he asked the clerk for feedback and said he threw up three times after drinking it yesterday. Through negotiation, the store has been refunded to consumers at the original price, and Mr. Wang has also reported the situation to the local market regulatory authority. At the same time, the Ruixing customer service contacted said that the situation would be fed back to the commissioner for handling.

After the incident was reported by all media, netizens have their own views. The first reaction of some people after hearing the news was to marvel at Lucky's food safety problems and were deeply worried about the drinks they had just bought, and some customers who had not yet placed orders said they had been persuaded to quit.

On the other hand, Lucky staff have stressed that Lucky stores have extremely high requirements for hygiene, ice machines are cleaned on time, and employees make drinks in strict accordance with the requirements, so in theory, there should be no moldy ice cubes.

More people are surprised by the saying that ice is moldy, saying bluntly that this is the first time they have heard that ice can be moldy and hairy. "isn't ice water? why is it hairy?" How can ice become moldy?

From the video, we can see that there is black unknown substance on the ice in the cold drink cup, and it can be seen that these black unknown substances are wrapped in the ice. A reporter consulted a digestive doctor at a hospital in Hangzhou about "moldy ice cubes". The doctor explained that the disease-causing bacteria in cold drink ice cubes are generally spread through contaminated water and human contact.

If there is environmental pollution or secondary pollution to the ice in the ice-making process, such as the ice maker is not cleaned, there are impurities in the drinking water, and so on, it may lead to invisible pathogenic bacteria in the ice, thus making customers uncomfortable after drinking.

According to the Red Star News, on May 9, the staff of the Food and Beverage Unit of the Qichun County Market Supervision Bureau said that after receiving the complaint, they went to the Ruixing store to investigate, and the inspectors at the scene saw no signs of mildew in the ice cubes, freezers and ice machines. "at present, it looks clean and hygienic." As to which part of the mildew spot ice cube that consumers found went wrong, the staff said it was still under further investigation.

Ruixing responded on the matter yesterday that Luckin Coffee has always put food safety in the first place and attaches great importance to the situation and has carried out internal verification at the first time. So far, Ruixing has not yet given the relevant investigation results on the "moldy ice cubes".

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