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Does yogurt become an "aphrodisiac"? The advertisement is suspected of being edging

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Recently, yogurt brand Blueglass launched a series of products called "Superboy Boyfriend Power Repairs." According to official publicity, this series has added drinks such as cistanche, Polygonatum, ginseng, deer penis, oyster peptide, etc.

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Recently, yogurt brand Blueglass launched a series of products called "Superboy boyfriend power to make a comeback". According to the official propaganda, the series has added rare traditional Chinese medicine ingredients in drinks such as Cistanche deserticola, Polygonatum polygonatum, ginseng, deer whip, oyster peptide and so on.

Health-preserving tea is no longer a strange thing in the eyes of consumers, although the series of drinks have added traditional Chinese medicine ingredients with the effect of "tonifying the kidney and strengthening yang" in the public perception, but in the eyes of some netizens, this is just a gimmick created by the brand to attract the eye.

What really made netizens dissatisfied with the series was the official product posters, in which the two drinks were marked with the symbol "18 ban" and slogans such as "I will not sell under the age of 18" and "spoof boyfriend I will not sell". All kinds of traditional Chinese medicine ingredients plus advertisements containing suggestive words make netizens doubt that the brand is suspected of edge marketing.

Coincidentally, edge marketing "old driver" coconut brand coconut milk has recently become a hot search because of vulgar advertising. According to media reports, coconut trees were fined 400000 yuan by the Longhua Branch of Haikou City Market Supervision Bureau for using vulgar slogans such as "wiping milk with coconuts" and "South Pacific beauties seldom 'airport'.

This is not the first time coconut trees have been fined for edge marketing. Some netizens have said that coconut trees are "scrubbed and fined every year", and these edge marketing brings not only heat and fines, but also eye-catching figures in financial statements. It is understood that in 2023, the Coconut Group disclosed that its total annual sales exceeded 5 billion yuan. From this point of view, it is no wonder that the public will make fun of coconut trees as "fines as advertising fees".

At the moment of "flow is the king", various brands try their best to win the attention of consumers, and all kinds of joint cooperation, all kinds of novel products, star endorsements with their own flow and other marketing methods emerge one after another. As a result, these marketing methods bring attention, traffic and substantial sales growth to the brand, thus improving brand awareness.

However, not all eye-catching marketing can have a good result.

Previously, the "smoke cavity Oolong" released by Lele Tea United Yilin Publishing House attracted netizens to attack it for infringing upon the portrait rights of celebrities, and also got a letter from a lawyer. The same is true of Blueglass's edge marketing. After its vulgar marketing was exposed by the media, the Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Administration conducted an investigation into the problems reflected by the public. At present, the copywriters suspected of vulgar advertisements have been rectified and reissued.

However, some people said that the negative impact of edge marketing will not be diluted by timely rectification of the brand. When a brand embarks on the road of "black and red" and uses controversial marketing methods such as scrubbing to be concerned by more people and get temporary traffic and sales, the related negative labels will also be affixed to the brand, thus burying bumps that will not be easily eliminated in the hearts of consumers, and may only have bad associations when they mention them in the future.

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