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Coffee costs 1.5! Why hasn't the boss gotten rich yet?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Recently, some netizens saw such an advertisement at an exhibition. The advertisement marked the cost prices of four common coffee drinks in coffee shops currently, of which the lowest cost price is 1.5 yuan. Ice American, the highest is a raw coconut latte of 4.2 yuan. Lenovo

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Recently, some netizens saw such an advertisement at an exhibition, which marked the cost prices of four common coffee drinks in coffee shops, including iced American coffee with the lowest cost of 1.5 yuan and raw coconut latte with the highest cost of 4.2 yuan.

Lenovo is now generally sold in coffee shops, and looking at the clearly marked cost price in front of it, the netizen can't help wondering: if a cup of iced American coffee costs 1.5 yuan for 20 yuan, it will sell 100 cups of iced American coffee every day for a month. it will make a profit of about 50,000 a month. In this way, opening a coffee shop is not a short-term payback and profit, and getting rich overnight may not be a verbal dream.

Nowadays, the cost of coffee has become more and more transparent, and some coffee lovers can get a cup of coffee that costs a few yuan at home. However, coffee shop owners generally say that it is not so easy to open a coffee shop.

Independent coffee shop

In the eyes of many people, it is not difficult to open a coffee shop. After choosing a good store, decorating and equipped with all kinds of professional gathering equipment, you can start business. If the customer flow of the store is stable and there is a certain amount of sales every day, it seems that it will be able to recover the cost in the short term.

However, due to the small volume and low consumption of independent stores, they are unable to hoard a large number of raw materials, so it is difficult for raw materials to reach the industry floor price, such as the cost of less than 5 yuan as shown in the figure above. Most independent coffee shops can not do so low in the cost of raw materials.

In addition, if many independent stores do not have the characteristics of their stores, they may have to fall into the predicament of "watching the sky to eat" and their turnover fluctuating from high to low. Therefore, many shopkeepers will make great efforts to create the characteristics of the store, or make efforts to decorate the store, or increase the variety of products, or add other elements such as baking, clothing, and so on, but no matter what they do, the cost will be greatly increased. the return cycle of the coffee shop will naturally be extended.

If labor, water and electricity, packaging, wear and tear and other expenses are taken into account, an independent coffee shop may be in a state of negative income for a long time after it is officially opened. In the eyes of some shopkeepers, it is not so difficult for a coffee shop to get its money back in the short term, but it is almost impossible.

Chain coffee shop

Since independent stores are so difficult to operate, some people may think that joining chain brands may also make them rich overnight. After all, chain brands have been recognized by consumers, "predecessors planted trees and future generations to enjoy the cool", if you open a chain coffee shop, relying on brand awareness, customer flow, order volume and so on have a certain guarantee, the possibility of short-term return of the store will be much higher.

Li Ying, chief strategy officer at Kudi, mentioned earlier that the cost of raw materials and packaging for a cup of coffee from Kudi is about 5.5 yuan. With rent, labor, electricity, and other miscellaneous charges, the cost of a cup of coffee will not exceed 9 yuan. If a store has an average of more than 400 cups a day, it will have a surplus, and the return of the store will not be a long way off.

A regional chain brand featuring a price of 9.9 has also publicly stated that if a couple joins their own brand, they can generally get back their money in 6 to 10 months, and if the cup volume reaches 200 cups a day, they can earn 20,000 yuan a month.

From this point of view, the chain coffee shop with the help of brand advantage can better realize the dream of getting rich overnight. In fact, it is not, the first step to open a chain coffee shop is the franchise fee. The joining fees vary between different brands, ranging from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

Secondly, unlike independent stores, the pricing of chain brands is determined by the brand side. If a cup of coffee with a cost of less than 9 yuan is priced at 9.9 according to the requirements of the brand, the profit margin of the actual drink is not big, and if you want to get back to the cost quickly, you need to increase sales to increase profits.

Returning to the doubts of netizens at the beginning, if you just look at the raw material cost of less than 5 yuan, if a cup of coffee is priced at 20 or 30, it can be said that there is a huge profit margin, as long as you can open a shop, you can make a lot of money.

However, after a meal of operation and becoming a coffee practitioner, many people find that it is difficult to recover capital in the short term and get rich overnight in the face of realistic factors such as rent, water and electricity, operation, attrition and so on. Many young people with entrepreneurial dreams invest time, money and energy in their own coffee shop, and finally lose to reality and come to a bleak end.

It can only be said that the ideal is very plump, the reality is very bony, and so is the coffee shop.

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