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The popularity of fruit coffee is rising, but Starbucks is selling tea?!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory Nowadays, consumers 'tastes are becoming more and more picky. In order to catch consumers' attention, chain brands have made different tricks on the new product innovation track, and various drinks have been put on shelves one after another. However, recently, some consumers have noticed that Starbucks 'new products, which are mainly coffee, are actually

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Now the taste of consumers is becoming more and more picky, chain brands in order to catch consumers' attention, in the new product innovation track, all kinds of drinks are on the shelves one after another. Recently, however, some consumers have noticed that the new product of Starbucks, which is mainly coffee, is actually two kinds of tea, or Kombucha, which is quite rare on the market.

Kombucha, the transliteration of "Kombucha", is an online celebrity drink in Europe and America in recent years. Although kombucha has the name "tea", it is not exactly the "tea" recognized by the public, but it is precisely a fermented beverage.

It is understood that kombucha is a natural probiotic beverage made from tea, sugar, water, bacteria and yeast. it tastes sour and sweet and is easy to be accepted by the public. It is also favored by consumers because of its own probiotics, digestive enzymes and other ingredients that contribute to gastrointestinal health and digestion.

This time, Starbucks has added two special kombucha to its tea series, which are only sold in some stores. As soon as the news came out, some friends could not help feeling that Starbucks could not think of any new coffee, so it planned to roll up a roll of tea by a different route.

Although it is a joke, it also makes some people notice that the current coffee brand seems to be stuck in some kind of bottleneck in terms of product innovation. Lucky previously removed four flavor lattes from the shelves, causing Rui Lucky's partners to celebrate all over the world, and it also made people notice that all kinds of new products on the shelves since last year basically rely on all kinds of flavor syrup to create the difference of product taste.

Coffee consumers said that most of the new product innovations of chain brands are syrup, thick milk and coffee, and over time, as long as they hear the name of the new product, they can guess that the brand has developed a new taste of syrup and so on. so that some people tease that every time they look at the brand, it's like watching a "new syrup launch".

With the popularity of a healthy diet, many people begin to control their sugar intake. As soon as the fresh period is over, all kinds of flavor lattes are no longer popular because there is too much sugar in the drink. This also makes the brand pay attention to the current health needs of consumers, the original flavor syrup replaced with fruit juice jam, all kinds of fruit coffee, fruit tea and so on.

Fruit cafes and fruit teas labeled "real juice" naturally attract popularity as soon as they appear on the shelves, but in the eyes of some netizens, they are essentially coffee, tea and other products based on the addition of "cool techs". What it brings to consumers is only the change in taste, "a little new, but not much."

Although Starbucks' Kombucha is an unexpected tea drink, it makes regular users feel fresh for a long time, saying bluntly that the R & D department is not launching a new flavor syrup this time, but wants consumers to bring a new product.

The coffee market is popular with a large number of curious young people who pursue novel and unique products, so brands keep users fresh in order to hold on to them at a new speed on frequent drinks. However, when consumers are used to dazzling new products, they gradually feel tired and do not want to spend any more.

For them, the bright new product is more attractive than "new flavor syrup", and the brand may want to change its mind instead of going all the way to the end of the "study of syrup".

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