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Big courage! Starbucks is actually "sarcastic" with customers?!

Published: 2024-06-13 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| What will your first feeling be when you receive a smiling emoticon sent to you during the daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop online chat? Yesterday, after receiving Starbucks takeout, a customer took out his drink from his packaging bag as usual, but the packaging cup that came into view was covered with a yellow table.

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What is your first feeling when you receive the smiling expression sent to you when chatting on the Internet?

Yesterday, a customer took out his drink from his packing bag as usual after receiving Starbucks takeout, but the yellow emoji on the packing cup was stunning, and he couldn't help thinking about what Starbucks meant.

As soon as the post was sent out, it attracted netizens to watch, and the customer knew that he was thinking too much through the explanation of the kind-hearted person. The reason why emoticons appear on Starbucks packing cups is that this ice cup is a limited version jointly launched with Tencent.

At the beginning of the joint event, the difference between the event limit cup and the regular cup lies in a circle of emoticons around the iconic logo. Since yesterday, the pattern on the cup has changed to a single emoji, a total of five, namely, smile, grin, pretend to be cool, laugh and cry, and love.

Looking at the emoticons on the cup alone, it is really easy for consumers to think that Starbucks' joint object is Tencent, and the designer specially chose several classic expressions that are used frequently when netizens chat to highlight the theme.

But now these emoticons are no longer the original meaning in different contexts, such as the smile which ranks first in the emoji library, in the chat context, it is more regarded by young netizens as "yin and yang weird", "skin does not smile" and other expressions with ironic meaning, so that some consumers who do not understand the event misunderstand that Starbucks is "connotation" themselves when they receive the ice cup.

Even Starbucks employees said that when they turned around and saw a row of defined ice cups at the bar, the smile emoticons on the cups seemed to be staring quietly at themselves, and the idea of "just taking a job, even a cup should be yin and yang me" popped into my mind.

For many 5G surfers, smile emoji is the most iconic emoji, but under the influence of today's online culture, when users receive ice cups with this emoji, they may feel offended by others because of one of the meanings of the smile.

The big emoji makes this limited cup favored by some and disliked by others. However, this smiling emoji cup has not been rejected by customers because of the multiple meanings of emoticons, but has become a "must" for many people, sending out order notes to specify the use of this "yin-yang cup".

"Ah, it smells like a class!" "laugh that you are still making oxen and horses!" , "the mood of beating workers", "laughing to death this expression is good mean", "go to work depends on the face of the leader to drink coffee to see the face of the cup."

Although the expression itself has its own "strange spirit of yin and yang", early eight people think that this expression is very consistent with the mental state of office workers, and that they can express the mood of today's workers for themselves, so it is deeply loved by them.

However, some people say that although these emoticons fit the theme of the joint event, different customers will have their own ideas when the controversial emoticons are enlarged and placed on the packing cup. if you are not careful, it will make customers mistakenly think that they are being "targeted" by the brand, and it is also a dilemma to think about it.

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