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Mandarin duck pot filter paper?! Not just for coffee brewing

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop When it comes to hand-brewed coffee blending, most people's first reaction may be to evenly mix two or more types of beans, and then perform steps such as grinding and brewing. Recently, Spanish coffee accessories manufacturer Sibarist has provided hand-making enthusiasts

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When it comes to the blending of hand-brewed coffee, the first reaction of most people may be to mix more than two kinds of beans evenly before grinding, brewing and other steps.

Recently, Sibarist, a Spanish coffee accessories manufacturer, has provided you with a new idea for hand-flushing enthusiasts. They launched a two-room filter paper through which baristas can brew two different coffee beans at the same time to get a pot of coffee that combines the flavors of two coffee beans.

This double-chamber filter paper is the same as the Hario V60 filter paper as a whole, except that after the filter paper is unfolded, there is a paper wall in the middle to divide the space for coffee powder into two. The designer said that the "two-room" design is designed to provide more choices and variables for hand-brewing enthusiasts, either to brew two different coffees at a time, or to handle the same coffee in two different ways.

Joaquim Morat ó, co-founder of Sibarist, told the Daily Coffee News that the idea of two-chamber filter paper is to control two separate spaces, so that the contact time between coffee powder and water in the two spaces will be different, resulting in two different coffee liquids that will eventually be mixed in the same cup.

In addition, the coffee beans on both sides of the double-chamber filter paper can be of different kinds, different proportions and different grinding degrees, and the baristas can handle the coffee powder on both sides differently during brewing.

Morat ó gives an example where baristas can brew 14 grams of medium ground coffee on one side of the filter paper to make the coffee as mellow as possible, while 5 grams of coarse ground coffee is used on the other side of the filter paper, in order to increase the initial taste of the coffee, retain the early stages of extraction, and provide the mixed coffee liquid with an extra bright acidity.

It can be said that if two different coffee beans are placed on both sides of the double-chamber filter paper, you can get a cup of coffee; if the two sides are the same beans with different grinding degrees, it is possible to enlarge a certain flavor of the coffee beans after being brewed by the barista.

After its debut at the SCA Fair in Chicago, the price of the filter paper was made public. A pack of 30 filter papers costs 30.94 euros, or 8 yuan for a piece of filter paper, which is really difficult to handle.

So according to this idea, some enthusiasts put two pieces of V60 filter paper together and brewed it. Although it is not the original filter paper, the effect of the attempt is quite unexpected. "two kinds of coffee with different character and flavor are mixed together. I got a very good cup of coffee."

After seeing the appearance of the filter paper, domestic netizens immediately thought of the mandarin duck hot pot on the dinner table, so they gave it an approachable name "mandarin duck pot filter paper". And the mind is greatly inspired, thinking that the real use of this filter paper may be: put ground coffee powder on one side, put a little tea on the other side, and boil it with heated milk, so you can get a real mandarin duck latte!

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