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The thousand-layer filter is broken! The truth about the Internet celebrity coffee shop

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop If you want to use one word to describe a coffee shop, it is estimated that "literature and art" will pop out of many people's minds. As a result, literary and artistic cafes have also been sought after by many tourists and have become a check-in point for Internet celebrities on the list of various shop search shops. Recently, tourists have traveled thousands of miles, admiring

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If you want to use one word to describe a coffee shop, it is estimated that "literature and art" will pop out of many people's minds. As a result, the literary and art style cafe is also sought after by many tourists and has become a sign-in point for online celebrities on the list of all kinds of visiting stores.

Recently, some tourists traveled thousands of miles to Dali, Yunnan Province, wanting to see the elegant demeanour of a literary cafe. But when I arrived at the scene, I was in a trance when I looked at the coffee shop by the rice field. "I was stunned. I felt like a thatched pit at the entrance of our village." The roofs of thatched huts and the "dirty" white exterior walls would really be regarded as aqua privies in the eyes of some netizens were it not for the graffiti on the walls of the coffee shop in the picture.

Netizens also exclaimed after seeing the picture, "the house where there is nothing to choose is for people to eat whales", "what the country commissary looked like when I was a child," and "this is the style of the old house in our hometown is still falling down."

In addition, some tourists said that they saw the picture when they went to clock in at the time of the rice field harvest, but did not see the vibrant green rice field, but saw a lifeless yellow after the harvest, which was completely inconsistent with the pictures circulated on the Internet.

In the impression of young writers and artists, the ideal rural coffee shop should be a clear blue sky overhead, surrounded by green rice fields, open the door and walk into the store, where the aroma of coffee floats in a small space and sits in the store. you can enjoy the natural scenery of the countryside framed by the wooden window, listen to the sound of the rice field blown by the wind, enjoy the vibrant spring outside the wooden window, and slowly feel the flow of time while drinking coffee.

In order to cater to the imagination of these consumers, coffee shops with scenic features, in order to attract guests, spread all kinds of beautiful photos through various social platforms, such as "Sisters, one must come once in Life", "in XX! a place worth visiting" and other headlines. Beautiful and exquisite photos and fresh literary and artistic copywriting fascinated literary and art young people, and they did not hesitate to spare time to go to the Cafe in their Dreams.

But when we arrived at the scene, it became clear that much of the beauty in the photos needed time, place and people. Like this coffee shop beside the rice fields, without the cloudless sky and green rice fields, without the excellent shooting skills of photographers and the assistance of all kinds of P-map software, the real situation may make people lose the idea of going into the store to find out.

There are no longer a few coffee shops that use natural scenery as a selling point, and it is undeniable that some of these shops have special films, which are suitable for tourists to sign in. But the natural scenery is unstable, the wrong season, bad weather and other factors may break the filter.

Therefore, if you want to clock in, you might as well know more about it, so as not to be attracted by the "photo fraud" of various cool techs blessings on the platform, and you will regret it when you go to the scene. Of course, this strong local flavor is of great attraction to netizens who have not lived in the countryside.

Picture from: Xiao Hong Shu

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