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Lock three houses in one day! Kudi Associate: I can't hold it, I won't play anymore!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory "The coffee industry opened 89346 new stores in the past year, with a net increase of 48508 stores. "Data as of April 8 reveals that competition in the industry is becoming increasingly fierce. To break through among many competitors, each brand needs some new ones.

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"the coffee industry opened 89346 new stores in the past year, a net increase of 48508." Data on narrow-door dining eyes as of April 8 reveal that competition in the industry is becoming increasingly fierce. To break out of many competitors, brands need some new ideas. Among them, Cudy, who currently ranks third in the number of stores, opened the "tea season" in April this year, with a new series of new products that have nothing to do with coffee, such as milk tea and fruit tea.

This unprofessional operation is really surprising. You know, Kudi has a tea brand tea cat that uses the man-machine association as a selling point, and now turning to tea can't help but make people wonder, "if you fight hard, you even beat yourself?" . In fact, the tea cat in the new tea market is difficult, not only difficult to become another economic pillar of the brand, but also a burden.

This makes Kudi's associates less and less profitable, while those who quit early are thankful for their timely decision to stop losses.

A joint business operator in Hubei revealed that he found something wrong at the beginning of opening the store. During the preparation of the store, he found that the flow data provided by Kudi's investment staff was quite different from the actual situation. Merchants told him that there were more than 8, 000 people living around the store, and that there were 1500 office workers in nearby office buildings who could become potential coffee consumers.

But after his actual visit, he found that only 200 to 300 people were actually at work in the office building, and these people were unlikely to become long-term consumers of coffee because of their wages.

It is not always true to say that investment attractors use false data to deceive people. The staff who used to be in charge of the store audit admitted that the huge deviation in the data was due to the fact that the data used by Cudy's third-party traffic assessment software were from a few years ago and were not up-to-date.

But Cuddy did not care about the inaccuracy of these data, but used these beautiful figures as the basis for the opening strategy to reach a new record for the coffee industry of "opening 7000 stores in 14 months". It's just that behind this new record, there are a lot of complaints from co-operators about Cuddy's poor store opening strategy.

The problem with the data goes far beyond that. Judging from the information provided by Phoenix New Media's "Storm Eye" on attracting investment from Cudi, the brand provides a blueprint for co-operators to get rich in a short time: stores with daily sales of more than 400 cups and a unit price of more than 16 yuan can make an operating profit of 50, 000 yuan; if the customer unit price reaches 22 yuan, the operating profit can reach 100000.

Many people believe in this blueprint and choose to become a joint venture of Cudy, but in reality, the ideal break-even model is out of touch with the current market situation, and daily sales and customer unit prices do not reach the basic value in the course of operation. the dream of sudden wealth in the heart of the joint business has been shattered by reality, and the return looks even more distant.

In order to retain the joint businesses, Cudy offered a series of subsidy policies and repeatedly extended the duration of the policy. But this can not make joint business willing to keep stores that can not make ends meet, shop closure, transfer has become the choice of many people, social platforms can also see the existence of relevant posts.

The test data of the Qihai brand on April 28 this year showed that Cuddy closed 250 stores in the past 90 days, equivalent to closing three stores a day. In contrast, Ruixing, which has more than twice as many stores as Cuddy, has closed only 89 stores in the past 90 days.

The wave of Cuddy's store closures was followed by an uproar of pay cuts and layoffs. More and more employees have exposed the company's internal problems, including, but not limited to, "arrears of wages", "passing on the contradiction between the company and the joint business", and so on, coupled with the problems that consumers have complained about before, such as "out of stock in stores" and "showing that they have been sold out." the brand image has been attacked internally and externally, making the joint businesses wavering.

And became the last straw to crush the joint business, in April this year, "the founder of Kudi was forcibly held" on the hot search. Once the news that Lu Zhengyao was forced to hold 3 billion a year was spread by the media, there is no doubt that it has dealt a great blow to the brand image. The sales of Cudi, which is already unpopular with consumers, is getting lower and lower, and the hope of making a profit is getting slimmer and slimmer. It also makes these co-operators who accompany Kudi to the highest peak want to give up and are unwilling to continue to be the "companion runners" of the brand.

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