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Three values exploded at once! Nanjing grandma brewed coffee with pure hands!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Recently, Nanjing grandma's ten-yuan hand-brewed coffee has been circulated on social media, becoming a drink that many netizens have specifically checked in to buy in recently. This grandma's store is not big, located at the corner of a certain street in a noisy city, on the glass at the door

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Recently, Nanjing Grandma's 10-yuan hand-made coffee has spread on social media and has become a drink specially bought by many netizens recently.

The granny's storefront is small, located on the corner of a street in a noisy city, and the glass at the door is affixed to several drinks sold in the store and their prices, among which the coffee that attracted netizens' attention costs 10 yuan a cup.

The visitor went over and asked casually, and Grandma greeted her enthusiastically. Knowing that the customer was here to buy coffee, Grandma found that the stock in the cupboard had not been used up and directly took out a brand new box of Nestle instant coffee. After unpacking, Grandma took out three pieces, cut the scissors neatly, poured them into the plastic packing cup, filled them with hot water, sealed the mouth with a sealing machine, then picked it up and shook it. Make sure that the coffee powder was dissolved and bring it to the guest with a straw to remind the guest to be careful.

According to Grandma herself, she doesn't sell miscellaneous brands of coffee, but always sells Nestle. Each cup of coffee uses three instant cups and enough hot water to ensure that the cup has a strong aroma.

Different from the perception of coffee lovers, Grandma's idea of "coffee" is a drink brewed with instant coffee powder, coupled with a sincere smile on his face when explaining to the guests, making this ten-yuan cup of "hand-made coffee" quickly become popular on the Internet. many people are very interested in this and go to the scene to sign in.

It is understood that Grandma's business soared after the video became popular, selling more than 200 cups of coffee a day. It is so hot that it has attracted the attention of Nestl é. This afternoon, keeping pace with the times, the main product in the live broadcast room is "Nanjing Auntie with the same style" and put it on the first link.

Someone asked Grandma if she knew that her coffee had caused a heated debate. The old man said that he knew that there had been an increase in the number of people who bought coffee recently, but he did not fool people because the number of guests became more busy. He still did what he did now. The guests can see it all during the whole production process.

Nanjing netizens revealed that the signboard in Grandma's store was actually Sugar cane juice, who was very famous locally and had to wait in line to buy it. Perhaps there has been the experience of being regarded as an "Internet celebrity", Grandma is not too surprised by the flow of hand-made coffee, and still takes every guest seriously and is not shy about making every cup of coffee skillfully on the table.

Also in an alley in Guangdong, "Boya last string 5 yuan, cheese milk covered strawberry ice 6 yuan", the plain low-cost milk tea is sought after by the student party, and the door of the small shop is crowded with students who want to buy a cup of online celebrity milk tea after class.

Some people think that the ingredients of these coffee and milk teas are simple, and the taste is not as good as the drinks prepared in a certain proportion, but the price is cheap, and before they are put openly in front of the guests, tell the guests clearly where to spend the money spent, young and old, buy and sell freely.

At the same time, these low-cost drinks taste average, mellow or sweet, and there may be some unhealthy ingredients in public perception, such as the end of plant fat, but as long as you take a sip, memories of not paying attention to the mix of ingredients and wanting only a mouthful of sweet drinks may come to mind. For some people, what ten yuan buys is not Grandma's cup of coffee that goes back to nature, but the beauty of the coffee in the first place.

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