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It's too difficult! Ruixing's departing employees have been rejected many times when applying for second entry!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop On the road to job hunting, some people will stride forward and constantly accept new challenges; some people find a place they want, and stop and live a stable life; others have been running on the road for many years, looking back and discovering that the starting point was the best for them

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On the road of job hunting, some people will stride forward and constantly accept new challenges; some people will find what they want and then stop to live in peace; others have been on the road for many years and look back and find that the starting point may be the best for them.

This is the case with a lucky former employee who used to be a barista in a store and had to leave his favorite job because of practical reasons such as a school internship. After a lapse of two years, he always misses his busy time at the bar, so he recently submitted a part-time application to Ruixing, hoping to return to his favorite bar.

To the surprise of the former employee, the part-time application he submitted did not pass as expected. He tried several stores, but all of them were rejected. On the recruitment platform, a staff member in charge of personnel recruitment in Ruixing explicitly told him, "those who have worked in Ruixing before can not be employed for a second time."

The failure of this entry made the veteran employee very puzzled. The former former employee with rich working experience at Ruixing just wanted to find a part-time job he liked. How could it be so difficult to return to the comfortable working atmosphere for him?

Previously, there are many lucky employees on social platforms who still want to return to work after being honed by society. some of them have worked full-time or part-time and have to quit for some practical reasons. but they still like to work at this busy bar from the bottom of their hearts, so they will never forget after leaving and have the hope of returning to Ruixing.

In their view, they have rich experience working at the bar and can accept salary and various assessments calculated from scratch after the second entry. And for store operators, new employees who know nothing need to spend a lot of time and energy to develop slowly. But an experienced veteran employee may be able to start again in two or three days, greatly saving training time.

But on the way to apply for a second job, most people reported that they were either stuck in the approval and did not get a response for a long time, or resolutely refused when they learned that they had left the job in the background check. Looking at Starbucks, which does not exclude employees from entering the job for the second time next door, Rui's migrant workers do not understand what the problem is.

For this, some old people in the workplace think that "good horses don't go back." Although it seems to be good for stores to let former employees enter the job for a second time, Ruixing, as an enterprise with a complete system, may refuse to do so after consideration, such as thinking that employees who have left the company are not stable and may leave again one day in the future.

However, some people think that most of these workers who want to return to Lucky agree with Lucky's corporate culture and like the working atmosphere in the store before they have the idea of getting a second job. For the sake of their sincerity, Ruixing may be able to give them another chance to join the job. after all, these former employees are more cost-effective than newcomers.

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