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How to kill the foam of latte? What is the function of the inverted cylinder? Why use refrigerated fresh cattle to make milk coffee?

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, To be reasonable, the first impression of coffee is also very important! For example, when the exquisiteness of two hot lattes are completely different, we will take it for granted that the good-looking cup of coffee will taste better. Although the exquisiteness of the coffee will not affect the taste of the coffee, it is because it first visually gives us a good experience, so

Be reasonable, the first impression of coffee is also very important! For example, when the delicacy of the two hot lattes is completely different, we take it for granted that the good-looking cup of coffee will taste better, although the pull will not affect the taste of the coffee, but because it first gives us a good visual experience, so we naturally put in a good imagination!

Therefore, a beautiful flower drawing is very important for a latte! And good-looking flower patterns are often without a delicate silky milk foam, presumably we have little understanding of the operation of milk foam (friends who do not know can jump → "how to deal with milk foam?" "), so Qianjie doesn't repeat too much here. However, details determine success or failure. Very often, in the process of making milk bubbles, some details can influence the quality of the final milk bubbles. So today in front of the street to share, dispense with the foam need to pay attention to some details!

Detail 1: the foam temperature was mentioned in yesterday's article that part of the reason why the foam temperature was controlled in the range of 60-70 °C was to activate the sweetness of lactose. In addition, another reason is that the foam in this range can be maintained for a long time and is not easy to dissipate.

When you send the milk temperature beyond this temperature range, the fat in the foam will dissipate quickly after forming the foam because it can not stand the high temperature. Then there will be a lot of potholes in the coffee in a short time. When it reaches a certain high temperature, the milk bubbles will increase greatly, which will not only destroy the original milk nutrition and taste, but also lead to the imbalance of coffee and milk because of the existence of a large number of milk bubbles. Therefore, when passing away the milk foam, the temperature control is very important.

Detail 2: whether the temperature of milk is pasteurized fresh milk or UHT normal temperature milk, they had better be put in the refrigerator before use and refrigerated for a period of time.

Because we need not only foaming, but also fusion and lovemaking in the process of getting rid of foam. As mentioned in the previous detail, there is a limit to the temperature of the foam, in other words, the time spent on the foam is limited. So proper refrigeration can prolong our time and make the final foam more dense. However, if you use room temperature milk, the time spent will be greatly reduced, which will make the foam lack a lot of beating process, which is tantamount to an increase in difficulty for beginners. Therefore, if there are conditions, cold storage of milk will be better.

Detail 3: before using the stagnant steam rod of the steam rod, we need to make an air spray for about 2-3 seconds. The aim is to empty the stagnant water in the steam bar!

Because the steam rod is formed by a pipe, the steam that was not discharged in time will remain in the pipe when we are not in use, and gradually condense back to a pool of water over time. If we do not spray it out, then the water will go directly into the milk, which will not only dilute the concentration of the milk, but also have a certain impact on the taste. Therefore, before using it, we must make an empty spray to reduce the negative impact.

Detail 4: the angle of the steam stick and the liquid surface. Most tutorials will indicate where the steam stick is most likely to form a whirlpool on the milk surface, sending out dense milk bubbles. However, we need to know that the angle between the steam rod and the liquid level is also very important!

If the steam rod is too perpendicular to the liquid level, the steam from the steam rod will only shoot down, making it difficult to swirl even if you are at the standard 3 / 9 o'clock direction. Without the whirlpool, it is impossible to cut the big bubbles sent out, and the final foam is not so dense, so the angle is also very important! According to the previous street experience, the best angle is between 30 °and 45 °, which is the easiest to form a perfect whirlpool! (PS: be sure to remember to shake when you are done. This will not only increase the fusion of milk and foam, but also make the foam more fluid and silky! )

Detail 5: the number of shaking cylinders may be the same as that of Qianjie. Although they are all "Qiu Mingshan old drivers", there are occasional car overturns. For example, when the foam is about to end, it accidentally raises the steam stick, resulting in more bubbles on the liquid surface. Well, at times like this, because the temperature has been capped and can no longer be sent away, we will shatter these large bubbles by shaking the cylinder.

However, if the cylinder is shaken too many times, it will cause other stable small bubbles to begin to collapse one after another as a result of the shock, in other words, it will speed up the dissipation of the whole milk bubble. So we'd better reduce the number of knocks and control it at 2: 3 is enough. If there are still indelible bubbles on the surface of the foam after shaking the cylinder, it is best to remove it in other ways to ensure the stability of the foam.

Detail 6: reverse the cylinder if, as mentioned above, send the car to turn over! If there are too many large bubbles, or the whole foam is too thick, then we can solve this problem by dumping the cylinder.

Pour milk from cylinder A to cylinder B, which can effectively reduce the number of rough bubbles! Not only that, in the process of inversion, it can also increase the degree of integration of milk bubbles and milk, and eventually the milk bubbles in cylinder B will be more delicate and more mobile than before!