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Nanjing's 10-yuan hand-brewed coffee was evaded by customers! Nestlé says it will supply it for free!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| As soon as the door of the Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Shop opened, everyone came and was busy. It was sold until 11 p.m. the day before, and I didn't have time to eat. When I saw it, I quickly closed the door, and I couldn't bear it. "#Nanjing 10 yuan hand-brewed coffee #Less than 48 hours after the explosion, a reporter reported

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"as soon as the door opened, everyone came, and I was so busy that I couldn't stop selling it until more than 11:00 in the evening the day before. I didn't have time to eat. As soon as I saw it, I quickly closed the door. I couldn't bear it."

Less than 48 hours after the explosion, a reporter found the protagonist "Mrs. Han" according to the name of the store in the video, "Mrs. Han" and interviewed him.

Mrs. Han said that the demand for coffee in the store is surging, Nestl é has directly sold out of stock, and sometimes there is a shortage of boiled water supply. Usually it opens at 9 o'clock in the morning, but before the door opens these days, there is already a queue at the door of the shop. Auntie Han said, "more coffee has been sold in the past two days. Today is more than yesterday, and yesterday is more than the day before yesterday."

During the interview, the aunt also told the reporter that in fact, her "main business" is to sell Sugar cane juice, which can sell more than 1000 jin a day. After more than 30 years of operation, the coffee has risen from two bars of 6 yuan to now three bars of 10 yuan. "Nestle coffee, which I always drank, was unaffordable to many people in the past. in our time, this was the best coffee."

For the coffee business that suddenly exploded, a reporter saw that Mrs. Han had entered a large number of Nestle 1: 2 instant coffee in the store, while she herself said, "it's going to be out of stock," while busily cutting three pieces of coffee with scissors and pouring them into the cup. then hold up an old-fashioned thermos bottle and start flushing, stir it with a spoon, seal the cup, and pack it for the customer.

In the face of the question of "does 10 yuan a cup of hand-made coffee make money", Mrs. Han said bluntly that although she earns less, she sells more, it is a small profit and quick turnover. "I can't make a profit if I sell so much. Why am I so tired if I don't make money? I don't care whether it's hot or not. I do it all the time. I actually do business."

According to Hyundai KuaiBao, when he arrived at "Mrs. Sugar cane juice" at more than 11 o'clock on the 19th, he saw from a distance that many people were lining up in front of the store, almost all of them young people. Most of them said that they came for "10 yuan a cup of hand-made coffee" after browsing the video. many of them are foreign tourists.

During the day, the reporter also observed that in addition to Aunt Han herself busy in the bar, another woman was also helping to pack, "We are neighbors, she is nice, I think she is too busy, so come and give me a hand."

As Aunt Han became popular on the Internet, Sugar cane juice's store attracted a lot of online celebrity anchors, all of whom came to "clock in" with high-definition cameras. These anchors filmed Aunt Han making coffee while photographing the crowd of onlookers, and the number of online viewers in some live rooms instantly exceeded 10,000.

In the face of "splashing flow", although it is true that Mrs. Han has brought a steady stream of guests, but at the same time can not help but encounter insincere customers who only want to "rub the heat". Just yesterday, a netizen posted a video saying that Aunt Han was busy making coffee in the crowd, only to be run away by customers. In the video, she is looking everywhere and seems to be looking for someone. "he just shot the video and didn't sweep the money. He just bought it."

As the biggest beneficiary of this wave of traffic, Nestl é officials also followed the pace, not only overnight renamed the three-in-one instant publicity cover to "Nanjing 10 yuan Ah Yi same style Coffee", and painted a customized cartoon character for Mrs. Han.

Nestl é also said that it has arranged offline free supplies to its aunt, and responded positively to netizens' expectations, inviting Aunt Han to the live broadcast room if she is willing.

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