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Starbucks ordered employees to open the door to welcome customers when stores are open!!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop "Why is the door so wide? "" It's bitter, I can't go on anymore. Welcome guests! "" So you can welcome guests? "" Yes, didn't you just come in? "... When it comes to opening cafes, Starbucks has always emphasized the" third space."It not only

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"Why is the door open so wide?"

"it's hard. I can't live any longer. Welcome!"

"so you can welcome guests?"

"Yes, didn't you come in?"


When it comes to opening a coffee shop, Starbucks has always emphasized the "third space", which is not only a place for consumers to drink coffee, but also a place for people to relax, gather and socialize. For example, on a hot summer afternoon, walking into a coffee shop to buy a drink, listening to soothing music, sitting under the cool air conditioner, quietly playing with your mobile phone or reading and doing exercises are the reasons for countless customers to go to Starbucks.

Recently, however, Starbucks partners in several cities have complained on the Internet that they should leave all the doors open when doing business in response to the decision of the company's senior officials, so that customers can enter without pushing the door.

However, in this 30-degree season, opening the door will not only let the indoor air-conditioner run away and spread the noise outside, but also make flies and bugs take the opportunity to scurry around the store, causing customers to complain. As a worker, I really can't understand the decision of "opening the door to welcome guests" at the top of the company.

In fact, in addition to employee complaints, it can also be felt from the perspective of customers that Starbucks stores in many parts of the country have recently implemented the "open door" policy. For example, some people saw bugs flying around in the store, calling on Starbucks to close the door; in hindsight, they found that today's entry into Starbucks seemed to be missing a step to push the door, and it felt strange; others saw a fly fall next to their coffee.

When it comes to why Starbucks left its doors open, partners with first-hand inside information also said bluntly, of course, because of the decline in performance. The management thought that if the door was closed, the customer would feel closed, so they issued an order to "open the door to do business", but eventually decided whether to implement it or not according to the actual situation of the store.

As for Starbucks' practice of asking store partners to increase passenger flow by opening their doors, some netizens said that it was never the door that stopped customers, but the price.

Also the main coffee, there is a huge price difference between Starbucks and other domestic chain brands, which is hardly attractive to unfaithful consumers. So even if Starbucks stays open all day, it won't help with actual sales. In addition, some netizens even ridiculed Starbucks, "the next step is to arrange two people to clap their hands at the door to welcome guests."

In the past month, from reported revenue figures to rumors of "seat orders", to the current "open door" policy, all reveal a cruel news: fewer and fewer people drink Starbucks.

Once upon a time, every Starbucks store was a part of the city, full of white-collar workers with computers and businessmen who were negotiating. Today, however, Starbucks in the Chinese market is not only no longer what it used to be, but also a Waterloo compared with its peers.

Maybe soon, you will see a picture at Starbucks: a man comes in and wants some coffee, and then all the staff shout in unison.

"A distinguished guest, welcome to Starbucks!"

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