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How outrageous are the bad reviews Luckin Coffee received!!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory is a part of the catering industry. All coffee shops will always encounter various problems in their daily operations, including sales, complaints, and negative reviews that are never avoided. Whether it is a chain of big brands or an independent small store, as long as it targets a wider range of consumption

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As a part of the catering industry, all coffee shops always encounter a variety of problems in their daily operation, including sales volume, complaints and unavoidable bad reviews. Whether it is a chain of big brands or independent small stores, as long as they face the broader consumer market, any detail is not satisfied with customers, may usher in a surprise bad review.

As a domestic chain coffee NO.1, stores and sales are among the best Rui Xing, the daily receipt of numerous bad reviews can be said to be innumerable, let the shop staff more difficult to guard against. Open the little red book, search for brand bad reviews and other keywords, a bunch of funny screenshots are in front of us, from service to taste, from price to product, connecting each confused bad review together, it is simply a set of modern beating workers' history of blood and tears.

"frozen hands"

Os: we can't heat the ice, can we?

"it tastes cheap."

Beat the worker os: dare not refuse to accept

"I have a stomachache."it's this one. I just commented on another one."

Os: one is not enough, there is another one, isn't it?

"isn't the latte divided into two layers? why did you stir my milk?"

Beat worker os: why don't you go to Newton

"when the network was cut off, it was not dealt with in time, and there was no xxx' interface suitable for today."

Beating worker os: isn't that a little out of line?


Os: no, you are satisfied, why do you still make bad comments?

"there are too many ads."

Os: lucky, did you hear that?

"I saw the waiter add boiled water to a cup. It turned out to be mine."

Beating worker os: this is the standard hot American style.

"Don't open the straw for me, bad review."

Os: I'll open it, but can't I open it?

"if you don't like it, drink it immediately! I fell asleep!"

Beating worker os: I want to cry after laughing.

"the label is not properly affixed"

Os: obsessive-compulsive disorder is more or less serious here.

"this is not the store you ordered!"

Os: can I not memorize this pot?

"is it made by the newcomer? no coffee."

Os: is it possible that this one doesn't contain coffee?

"takeout didn't arrive for more than an hour."

Os: excuse me, did you order your own order?

"the first sip was drunk by my girlfriend."

Beat the worker os: dare not speak

"I met my ex."

Os: stop talking, I'm going to cry for a while.

"ask for the WIFI password, and the clerk says there is no WIFI."

Os: do I have to play with this phone?

"it's outrageous if there's no ice on such a hot day."

Hit worker os: come on, here's the apron, you do it!

"I'm not in a good mood."

Os: a bad mood won't go away, but it will shift.

"1/10 is coffee, 9/10 is coconut water."

Beating worker os: that's condensed.

"it feels like they're making a mess, just like fighting a war."

Os: you see, this is the "fight"!

"this door is very poorly designed."

Beat the worker os: the defense was breached.

"because he's so handsome."

Os, the store manager: laughing while speechless

Nowadays, any social platform or consumer platform has a comment function, and the original purpose of these comments is to allow businesses to interact with consumers, who can point out the shortcomings of businesses and build online word-of-mouth and first impressions. However, under the development trend of the market, bad reviews and good reviews have all become the evaluation criteria of the public, and poor reviews have undoubtedly become the "rattan" to drive out new customers.

As for the personnel management system of chain brands, the evaluation is directly linked to performance, and there are more poor reviews, not only being punished, deducting points and other "punishment measures", but also the most important salary may also be affected. Therefore, as a consumer, whether comments or daily communication should be more heart-to-heart, everyone is for the sake of life, there are problems try to communicate through dialogue, I believe that the vast majority of employees are willing to meet customer requirements within their ability.

You know, without a bad review, there will be one less sad person in the world.

Picture from: Rui Xing, who can't laugh, beats a worker.

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