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Annual coffee consumption is more than 20,000?! Netizen: They are all life renewal money!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop When coffee has become an indispensable drink for working people, it will be given one cup a day on working days. If there is a need to forcibly refresh your mind, some working people even drink two or even three cups a day. And this daily expense, if accumulated over a period of time

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When coffee becomes an indispensable drink for office workers, it is one cup a day on work day. If you need to be refreshed by force, some workers even have two or even three cups a day. And this daily expense, if accumulated over a period of time, may be a large number.

Recently, a netizen posted a post asking: "how much does it cost people to drink coffee every month?" Although this question is common, when asked about the cost of their coffee, many people look back and find that they may really spend a lot of money on coffee.

One Starbucks user said he spent almost 1800 a month on two cups of coffee a day at 30 yuan a cup. You may drink other brands for a change, but the overall cost of coffee is about 1500. Another consumer said he "startled himself" by drinking more than 20,000 yuan of Ruixin last year.

Other enthusiasts who spend a lot of money on coffee are enthusiastic about making coffee by hand. A netizen made a shallow calculation, sometimes a cup of coffee by hand, and sometimes two cups of espresso a day, which cost nearly 2,000 yuan a month.

Many people said that this sum of money was really not unknown, and it was a shock. Unexpectedly, thousands of yuan will be spent on drinking coffee in a coffee shop every day. It was only then that the working workers with low monthly income figured out why they were reduced to the "moonlight clan."

Lovers of homemade coffee find themselves spending a lot of money on coffee, too. In addition to coffee beans, milk and other raw materials, you also need to buy coffee machines, bean grinders, filter cups, hand-flushing pots and other equipment. "if you buy equipment, it costs 2.5k, if you don't count, it costs 4k."

For some workers, coffee costs account for a large portion of their monthly salary, but if they lose a cup of "life coffee" at work every day, they may lose their motivation to work. From this point of view, working hard after drinking coffee, making money and then drinking coffee forms a closed loop, so they don't care too much about this daily expense.

As for other enthusiasts who care about quality, they eat more than simple caffeine every day. For them, a cup of delicious coffee can greatly delight them at the time, so they care more about whether the money they spend is good value for money than to ensure their daily caffeine intake.

Just in the current consumption degradation, more and more consumers not only satisfy their appetite, but also gradually attach importance to the ratio of performance to price. Some people use breakfast packages launched by various chains to meet their daily coffee needs, while others reduce the frequency of drinking coffee from two cups a day to one cup a day.

Of course, some people think that if you really care about this coffee expenditure, why not consider quitting coffee directly? zero expenditure is the most economical way. For this suggestion, workers resolutely refused, their own coffee can be spent on the extension of life money, quit how to continue life ah!

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