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See you for a long time! Manner part-time student suddenly received a salary cut, causing dissatisfaction among employees!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop yesterday was a day of ups and downs for all Manner part-time students. An employee logged into the check-in APP yesterday afternoon and found that starting from the 1st of next month, his working hours remained unchanged, and he would earn less salary every day for part-time work.

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Yesterday was a day of ups and downs for all of you part-time Manner students.

An employee logged in to APP yesterday afternoon and found that from the 1st of next month, when his working hours remained the same, his daily part-time salary would be reduced by nearly 40 yuan.

After careful calculation, it turns out that Manner has reduced the hourly wage of part-time students, and the rate of wage reduction varies from region to region, such as the hourly wage in Shanghai from 28 yuan to 24 yuan, and that in Shenzhen from 28 yuan to 22 yuan. According to the feedback from local Manner part-time students, the salary cut for this part-time job ranges from 1 yuan to 6 yuan.

The news can be said to be a big "earthquake" for part-time students. According to people familiar with the matter, as soon as the news came out, there was a discussion in the Manner part-time group. Perhaps due to employee dissatisfaction, the brand changed the hourly rate back to the original price at 07:30 last night. In less than two hours, however, hourly wages at most of Manner's stores were cut again and remained unchanged this morning.

In just a few hours, watching hourly wages rise and fall like a roller coaster, many people teased themselves that they suddenly understood the feelings of shareholders seeing the share price fall, while many more were unhappy with Manner's sudden pay cut.

In recent years, "wage reduction" has become a hot topic in society. There have been substantial wage cuts in the financial industry since last year, and this year other industries have joined the ranks of wage cuts and layoffs in order to reduce operating costs. The catering industry is no exception, such as Starbucks, lucky and other well-known chain brands also through reducing costs and efficiency measures to improve store profits.

From this point of view, it is only a matter of time before Manner releases a big move to reduce costs and increase efficiency in order to maintain profits. It is just that the employees never expected that the brand was neither reducing working hours nor reducing posts, but adopting the unprepared policy of reducing wages.

According to Manner full-time employees, most of the region will enter the summer from June, which is also a period of sales growth for each store. For stores with only one full-time employee on duty, the addition of a part-time student can more or less reduce the burden on the store during peak periods and bring customers a better consumer experience. But at this time, Manner suddenly reduces the hourly wage of part-time work, which is likely to cause some part-time students who are already familiar with the workflow to leave.

In addition, Manner previously attracted young people to take part-time jobs in stores with high hourly wages, making it the first choice for student parties that need pocket money. Therefore, in the view of some people, the pay cut is a sign of the brand itself. When the working hours and intensity remain the same, the shrinking salary will not only make older employees lose their reasons to stick to it, but also dissuade students looking for part-time jobs.

As far as migrant workers are concerned, once their wages are cut, what will be turbulent is their own "money path", so that migrant workers cannot easily accept changes in wage levels. At the same time, this change in the brand will make employees worry about whether their salaries will be reduced in the future.

After all, the "twists and turns" may be the next target for Manner's full-time employees.

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