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What is an ice brick latte? Sharing detailed steps for making ice brick American coffee

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, Laziness can be said to be the nature of contemporary migrant workers. If you want to talk about how "lazy" people are nowadays, they will take action to tell you that if you can put it in one bowl, you will never occupy the second bowl; if you can eat in a pot, you will never use a bowl. In fact, the same is true for the "lazy coffee parties" who rush to work: they work on ears and are too lazy to boil water; they work on hand.

Laziness can be said to be the nature of contemporary workers. If you want to say how lazy people are nowadays, they will tell you that if you can hold one bowl, you will never occupy the second; if you can take a pot to eat, you will never use a bowl.

As a matter of fact, the same is true of the "lazy coffee party" who rushes to work: those who hang their ears and don't bother to boil water; those who do hand flushing, they don't bother to grind beans; those who do cold extraction don't bother to separate dregs; they don't bother to start up. At this time, some friends may ask, is there no coffee method that can ensure delicious, time-saving and efficient coffee?

The answer is yes. Qianjie is going to teach you a prefabricated version of iced coffee-ice brick coffee, which can be made into both an American style and a latte, which is simple and time-saving, designed to enable every worker who gets up early to sleep a little longer.

What is ice brick coffee? How?

Ice brick coffee, as its name implies, is to put the coffee liquid into the freezer in advance and wait for it to form a brick-like block of ice. Due to the use of prefabricated process, compared with the exquisite coffee, the aroma and grease will naturally be discounted, but the advantages are also very clear, convenient, time-saving and simple.

The coffee liquid used here is not limited to the concentrate extracted by the espresso machine, but the mocha pot coffee, which is popular with newcomers, can also come in handy, as long as it is strong enough to add water or milk so that it does not become too light.

The practice of ice brick coffee is very simple, first extract the coffee liquid that needs to be used, put it at room temperature to cool, pour it directly into the ice box, or add the same amount of drinking water in proportion and stir it evenly, then cover and seal and put it into the freezer layer until it becomes hard ice.

When we want to drink coffee, we will take the "coffee brick" out of the icebox and throw it into the cup, then add drinking water / milk according to our own taste, let the ice brick melt into coffee liquid, and then stir slightly to taste it.

Would you like some water to make ice brick coffee?

After several rounds of DIY attempts and comparisons, Qianjie felt that the ice brick coffee made of equal proportion (1:1) mixed with water was relatively refreshing after melting, suitable for making iced American coffee. For milk coffee, such as lattes, it is recommended to use ice bricks made from concentrated raw solution, which can not only bring a cold taste, but can be maintained at a moderate concentration even after melting.

When preparing American ice brick coffee, Qianjie first extracted 3 handfuls of Italian concentrate (20 grams of coffee powder and 40 grams of coffee liquid extracted in 30 seconds) according to the parameters of the warm sun of the store that day, a total of 120 grams. Then add the same amount of water and stir well to get 240g of diluted coffee, then pour it into a single 30ml ice box one by one. The coffee bricks used to make lattes are poured directly into the ice until eight minutes full, then put into the freezer to freeze, and then take out when needed the next day.

Unlock "Ice Brick American"

As the most popular espresso, iced American coffee is made with ice, water and espresso, but only if you turn on the coffee machine and get a delicious concentrate. When coffee and ice have been "combined" in advance, then all we have to do is to add water, plus the time to prepare the cup, the whole process does not even take 30 seconds, the proper hands will be series.

First put 2 or 3 coffee ice bricks diluted with water in advance into a glass, then add normal temperature drinking water without ice, stir gently with a straw or spoon, let the ice bricks melt slightly into the water, and then taste. The American ice brick made of warm sun has aromas of caramel, dark chocolate and slight fruit acid. although it lacks the rich aroma of exquisite American wine, it is not short of freshness and tonality.

Unlock the "ice brick latte"

We usually make iced lattes, coffee and milk between 1 and 8. Take the iced lattes produced by Qianjie stores as an example. 40g of coffee liquid is paired with 200g of fresh milk, so it falls within the range of 1:5. Similarly, the concentration itself is ice cubes frozen at low temperatures, so we don't need to add extra ice, but just pour the milk.

First take 2 concentrated coffee ice bricks into the cup, also without measurement, directly add the fresh milk without ice, wait for the coffee liquid to melt and release into the milk, then stir well before drinking. Because of the blessing of milk, the ice brick latte tastes with rich aromas of hazelnut, melon seeds and cocoa, the taste is as smooth as cream, and at room temperature, the coffee liquid will be released one step ahead of the ice, making the coffee flavor more mellow.

Although the frozen layer is in a low temperature environment, after all, there are other items in our refrigerator, which are easy to taste with other foods for too long. In addition, for the sake of flavor experience and food health and safety, Qianjie recommends that coffee ice bricks should be kept in the freezer for no more than 5 days (counting the production day). If you don't use much at a time, keep a lot of it in the refrigerator and forget to drink, it is likely to go bad and easily lead to intestinal discomfort.


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