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Pricing differences, waiting for three hours... Lucky's entry into Xinjiang is full of situations

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop A few days ago, on May 20, various brands were busy riding a wave of festival traffic and launching limited activities to attract customers to spend. Among them, the most powerful thing should be Lucky Bar, which was opened by 15 stores on the same day. (The picture is from Ruixing Xiaohongshu account) It is reported that

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A few days ago, on May 20, various brands were busy with a wave of holiday traffic, launching limited activities to attract customers to spend. In terms of great fanfare, it should be lucky that 15 stores were opened on that day.

(the picture is from Ruixing Little Red Book account)

It is reported that Ruixing opened 11 and 4 direct stores respectively in Urumqi and Xizang Lhasa, Xinjiang, and opened 15 stores on the same day as planned. In order to celebrate the opening of 15 stores together, and to celebrate the popularity of Lucky stores in all provinces of the country, Ruixing launched limited cup covers and paper bags exclusive to Urumqi stores during its opening.

Before, many consumers called on Ruixing to open stores in Xinjiang, Xizang and other places, so when Ruixing, who heard the voices of the masses, was invited, local people were ecstatic and a large number of orders poured into the bar. On the first day of opening, there were varying degrees of queuing in 11 stores, with some stores picking up meals for more than three hours.

As for the limited cup covers and paper bags, consumers reported that several hot stores used up all the surrounding inventory early in the morning, leaving users who wanted to collect them empty. In addition, according to the store staff, due to the support of the local people, more than a thousand cups were sold for several days after the store opened. The shop assistants are overworked in response to customer enthusiasm.

However, a large number of customer complaints arrived along with the explosion of orders in the store: takeout that could not be delivered in time and seriously overtime, the great difference in pricing between third-party platforms and Mini Program, the desire to cancel orders but no refund channel, and so on, and even some consumers reflected, he was kicked out of the store enterprise group and blocked for gossiping.

According to the chat records posted by the consumer, she shared her experience with other customers during the group chat and advised others to place orders in advance. But after that, she found that she was removed from the group chat by "Ruixing Chief Welfare Officer lucky" and could not join the group chat again, suspected that her account had been blocked. Later, Ruixing took the initiative to contact the consumer and apologized for kicking people out of the group chat for no reason.

With reference to the previous grand occasion of Xi Tea, overlord Tea Ji and others stationed in Xinjiang, Ruixing should have expected the hot scene after the opening of the new store, so it arranged for 11 stores to open at the same time, with multiple stores taking orders at the same time to cope with the surge in orders on the opening day.

In fact, Lucky underestimated the enthusiasm of the people in Xinjiang, and several stores with superior locations were overloaded. However, the brand has not taken good measures to deal with this situation, such as stopping taking orders when stores are unable to handle a large number of orders, temporarily closing various channels for issuing orders, and so on.

Consumers also said they knew it would be a hot opening, but they didn't expect it to go so far. After waiting for a drink for several hours, the store service was almost absent in the urging of orders, and the response speed of after-sales customer complaints could not keep up, giving people a poor sense of experience. Perhaps when the enthusiasm of the local people for Ruixing recedes, the stores can return to the normal state of ensuring product quality control and service quality.

Picture from: Xiao Hong Shu

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