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Can you open a coffee shop in 1 square meter?! Multiple brands adopt a store-in-store model!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop In the public's impression, most coffee shops of chain brands are bright and clean, with several tables and chairs for guests to rest. Even quick pick up shops that mainly focus on takeout will also consider the storage of goods and other conditions, the size of the store will not be too small. But the first few

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In the public impression, most of the coffee shops of chain brands are bright and clean, with a few tables and chairs for guests to rest. even for takeout-based express stores, stores will take into account the storage of goods, and the size of the stores will not be too small.

However, a few days ago, according to the interface news report, Cudy announced the launch of the convenient store model "COTTI Express", that is, the store-in-store model. The store has the characteristics of small area, small investment and low break-even point, so it is suitable for convenience stores, restaurants and other scenes. According to people familiar with the matter, the brand claims that at least one square can open a store. Compared with the original regular store, the cost of opening a store in the store will be much lower.

In fact, it is not uncommon for coffee brands to cooperate with other formats. The shared stores of Manner and Lianjia and the Tims Express launched by Tims and Sinopec easyJet all move coffee shops into more scenes, achieve rapid store expansion at lower costs, occupy a larger market, and turn some consumers into brand users.

Some of Cuddy's "mini stores" are also stationed in restaurants and shopping malls, and the brand's chief strategy officer said that convenient stores and regular stores will complement each other, infinitely close to customers and improve the convenience of purchase. Combined with what the blogger said earlier, investors who want to enter the coffee industry as long as they choose an objective scene of personal flow and open a store at a low cost may be able to get a short-term payback or even a surplus.

Whether it is the blueprint given by the brand or from the current attempts of other brands, the coffee shop seems to be a form of cross-border cooperation with "bright money". In response to market demand, Cudy launched this new policy, which also took a fancy to the possibility of the collision between the retail industry and coffee.

However, most of Kudi's associates are resistant to the new deal. Co-operators of existing regular stores believe that once the form of stores in stores is popular, it may have an impact on conventional stores with low sales, and virtually form a competitive relationship with ordinary stores, which is not conducive to the profitability of ordinary stores.

Another group of people who are not optimistic said that although after reducing the size of the store, the store can better adapt to convenience stores, grocery stores and other places, but at present, convenience stores such as the whole family, 7-11, Rosen and other convenience stores have their own coffee brands. brands want to get a piece of the convenience store's fast coffee market, probably not as smoothly as expected.

In addition, some people worry that after the store size has been greatly reduced, how much space can be left in an one-square-meter store with all kinds of equipment, and whether it can protect the product quality control and food safety that consumers value most in a mini-store.

For brands, the store-in-store cooperation model can achieve low-cost and rapid store expansion, and perhaps both partners can achieve a win-win situation with this model. However, whether it is Cudy, which is opening stores at a slower speed, or brands such as Manner and Tims that have slowed their expansion process, it remains to be seen whether the stores in the store can help brands occupy a larger coffee market and attract consumers' attention.

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