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What is the difference between Hario's water lily filter cup and V60 filter cup? What are the characteristics of a water lily filter cup?

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, I believe everyone has recently been screened by the Hario family's 24-year-old filter cup, and Front Street is no exception. Because most conventional filter cups adopt a minimalist design, this filter cup quickly stands out with its unique appearance and attracts everyone's attention! It is: water lily filter cup. Most conventional filter cups

I believe everyone has recently been scrubbed by Hario's 24-year-old new filter cup, and Qianjie is no exception. Because most of the conventional filter cups use a minimalist design, this filter cup quickly stands out and attracts the attention of the public because of its unique appearance. It is: sleeping lotus filter cup.

Most conventional filter cups are integrated design, and the unique charm of the sleeping lotus filter cup is that it is assembled by a base and 12 blades, can be disassembled freely, and is made of heat-resistant and drop-resistant resin. Interestingly, the base is made up of a ring and a bracket, and the leaves have different colors to choose from. Therefore, in terms of assembly alone, there are different combinations that can be matched.

In order to prevent assembly errors, Hario has fonts on the blade notches at the outer end. We only need to assemble the slots with Hario fonts outward, which is very simple.

There is no design between the blade and the base that can stabilize the blade, so Qianjie will be more worried about its stability at first. As a result, after the assembly, it was found that the stability was still very good. Because the groove is deep and has a small convex part stuck on the port (the small black spot above the picture), even if you shake it hard, it will not shake the leaves and affect the cooking. Of course, unless you turn it upside down, the leaves will fall out. However, because this filter cup has no cup wall, so the filter paper can only rely on the blade as a support. In addition to supporting the filter paper, the blade has another function, that is, like the conventional V60 guide bone, it acts as a drainage. It is worth mentioning that although there is no cup wall, the coffee liquid will not flow out of the gap, so there is no need to worry too much about the growth of bypass water.

Many bloggers found an interesting thing when evaluating the sleeping lotus filter cup, that is, the leaf Radian design of the sleeping lotus filter cup is exactly the same as the guide bone of V60, and the number is the same as 12. So its launching speed is very curious, whether it will be as fast as the V60.

After testing, it is proved that its launching speed is indeed relatively fast, but second to V60. The average flow velocity of V60 is 10ml/s after being filled with water, while that of Nymphaea lanceolata filter cup is 8ml when it is filled with water. The average flow velocity of sdagol Kono filter cup is 5ml/s. Therefore, the flow rate of the sleeping lotus filter cup is moderately fast. However, this is without adding coffee powder. Although the official definition of this filter cup is 1 to 4 people, that is, it can be cooked with both small powder (less than 20g) and large powder (20g~40g) at the same time. But in fact, this filter cup is not suitable for cooking less than 20g powder in normal shape. Because its blade is too long, the height of our water injection should be relatively increased, which will greatly enhance the impact of water injection.

The enhancement of the impact of water flow will not only increase the extraction efficiency, but also make the fine powder precipitate to the bottom because of stirring, blocking the filter paper. Therefore, the first single cooking in Qianjie ended in perfection. Therefore, we need to increase the amount of powder so that the impact of the current is not so strong, more than 20g. Of course, if the amount of powder increases, the filter paper should also be replaced with 02 large filter paper, otherwise the 01 filter paper will not be able to hold too much hot water. (official recommended filter paper is No. 02) after several rounds of tests, it has been confirmed that the coffee brewed from the sleeping lotus filter cup is not much different from the regular V60. Therefore, we can use it as a 02 V60 for normal cooking, and the parameters do not need to be adjusted.

Pluralistic play, of course, these are just the most conventional practices. Detachable blades bring us not only a unique appearance, but also rich playability. If you really just want to brew a single cup of coffee, that's no problem. We can take the edge of the sword and remove a leaf to free up a passage for the spout to descend, making the injected water more conventional and less powerful. In this way, we can make a pot of coffee for one person.

If you think a water lily filter cup without a leaf is not beautiful enough, remove five more pieces to make it symmetrical. With only six leaves, it can also support the filter paper and complete the cooking. Although the filter paper will be deformed due to the reduction of ribs, it will not tilt or slow down the flow rate.

Finally, Qianjie actually prefers this pedestal! Because the base is not fixed, theoretically, we can use it to support other tapered filter cups without a base. The Origami filter cup helps us verify this point, although most tapered filter cups are integrated!

Generally speaking, the experience given by this new filter cup is still very comfortable, not an empty vase with an appearance, and it is highly playable. Interested friends can go to the Hario official website to place their own orders. (finally: this is not an advertisement)