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Don't consume and persuade you to leave! Starbucks responded

Published: 2024-06-13 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory The day before yesterday afternoon, a video of an elderly man arguing with a Starbucks clerk on social media sparked heated discussions. In the video, two elderly people clashed with a Starbucks clerk. The old man was emotional and shouted,"Can't we elderly people come to rest? Must consume

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On the afternoon of the day before yesterday, a video of an old man arguing with a Starbucks clerk on social media caused a heated discussion.

In the video, two old people clashed with a Starbucks clerk. The old man was emotional and reprimanded loudly, "We elderly people can't come to rest? do you have to spend money? you are discriminating against the elderly!" . Halfway through the shop assistant tried to explain and appease the old man, but the two did not accept the clerk's explanation and still shouted curses.

According to video photographers and witnesses at the scene, the old lady in the video is suspected to have asked for help because of the noisy people in the store and could not find a seat to rest. As the shop assistant did not respond in time, the old lady took a cup and straw and threw it on the floor, and then had a quarrel with the shop assistant in the video.

Someone called the police at the scene of the conflict, and the police arrived and tried to communicate with the elderly, but witnesses said the emotional old man also scolded the police. In response to this matter, the Jimu journalist asked the shop assistant, who said that the store was busy at that time, and the cause and details of the quarrel were not clear, but as far as she knew, the two old people did not spend money in the store.

Coincidentally, a few days ago, netizens posted a video saying that they saw a Starbucks clerk in Xi'an drive three waves of customers. According to the video photographer, less than a minute after the man in the video sat down, the Starbucks clerk came out to ask the man if he was spending, and made it clear that he could not be seated without spending, driving him away.

(the video is from Weibo.)

The photographer said that there were many empty seats in the outdoor area at that time, and as soon as passers-by took a seat to rest, the shop assistant would come out to inquire about the situation and expel people when they found that there was no consumption. In response, Starbucks customer service responded that the store does have a "consumption seat" policy, and if customers do not spend, they will be politely persuaded by the clerk to leave. But the other party said Starbucks would not force customers to spend as a result.

The two videos have once again sparked heated debate among netizens about Starbucks' new rules. When someone posted a post on the social platform last week that Starbucks might implement the rule of "seat consumption" across the country, Starbucks customer service denied the claim and said customers could be seated at the store whether they spent or not.

Starbucks employees also said that the store has not explicitly stipulated that customers who enter the store must spend before they can sit in. There are no clear regulations, coupled with the comfortable environment of the store, so that many passers-by will come into the store and borrow seats when they want to stop.

The consequence of convenience is the gradual increase of uncivilized behavior in the store. It is not uncommon for customers to bring food into the store for consumption, and it is not uncommon for one person to take more than one person. in addition, some people have taken pictures in the store and made up their eyebrows, which have brought trouble to the real consumers, and the store environment is gradually not as quiet and comfortable as it used to be.

Therefore, most netizens support that Starbucks is a place of business rather than a public place, and there is nothing wrong with requiring customers to spend money. At the same time, they can also dissuade occupants who do not spend. Guarantee the rights of other consumers who need seats.

As an operator, Starbucks has the right to refuse to receive customers without consumption, and shop assistants also adopt polite ways to persuade such people to quit, but in the eyes of some people, the practice of "persuading people to leave" may make customers unhappy and make it difficult for employees to open their mouths. Therefore, it is recommended that stores directly post conspicuous reminders to wake up people pretending to be asleep.

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