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Guangliang checks in for 10 yuan and charges! Stars also chase Internet celebrity coffee!

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"sincere Grandma's handmade by Grandma Nanjing", "the first Nestle Coffee in the World", "Auntie handmade 10 Yuan Banwei Coffee".

After "Nanjing 10-yuan hand Coffee" went viral, the video store "Han Lao Tai Sugar cane juice" has become a sign-in place for new Internet celebrities in Nanjing, where young people holding mobile phones, cameras and other devices can be seen in front of the store for many days. "Internet celebrity" Han Laotai said sales surged on Sunday, selling hundreds to thousands of 10-yuan cups of coffee a day.

Yesterday, singer Guangliang queued up to sign in in front of Mrs. Han's store. According to passers-by present, Guangliang, like other customers, lined up at the scene and bought a cup of Sugar cane juice and a cup of coffee when it was his turn. As Mrs. Han said many times that she was free of charge, Guangliang invited the other party to watch his concert in Nanjing tomorrow night.

Onlookers were surprised that a big star would line up at the door of a small shop in Nanjing to buy a 10-yuan cup of instant coffee. However, as someone said bluntly, the reason why Guangliang appeared at the scene may be that the ticket sales of his concert in Nanjing were not good, so he specially came here to catch a wave of heat.

In the last week, Mrs. Han's sugar cane store has become a gathering place of hot flow. First, Fang Nestle, the brand with the highest appearance rate in the video, supplied free goods to Mrs. Han and invited each other to his own studio. Later, other brands noticed that there were problems with various equipment of Mrs. Han after overload operation, and took the initiative to contact and provide them with water heaters, beverage sealing machines and other equipment.

Some brands that have nothing to do with coffee production, such as Jiuyang soybean milk and Zhao Yiming snacks, have also appeared around the shop, frequently entering the lens of netizens who sign in. The reports and interviews of the major media added fuel to the flames, pushing this 30-year-old shop in front of the public, causing a heated discussion on the Internet.

However, after the incident fermented, many people wondered about the drink made of three instant coffee powders and hot water. How on earth did this become the recent "flow password"? Many netizens on social platforms follow the example of Mrs. Han by setting up stalls to sell "hand-made coffee" made from Nestle instant. Brands take the initiative to provide raw materials and equipment, media reports, stars to clock in, set up small stores on the fire of traffic, the popularity continues to rise.

Many people say that instant coffee powder contains plant fat powder that is not beneficial to human health, and at the same price, there are freshly ground coffee such as Lucky, Kudi, Lucky Curry and other freshly ground coffee. I don't understand why home-made coffee drinks are so hot. Or, for many young people, the drink itself is not important, it is more important whether it is popular or not, and it is more important to post a little red book on moments.

Nanjing aunt's cup of "hand-brewed coffee" not only satisfies some consumers' pursuit of high quality and low price, but also opens up a new world for some people who don't know about coffee, knowing that "hand-made coffee" can still be so cheap.

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