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Attention! Order scams target coffee shops! You cannot accept "wealth and wealth" at will!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop "Hello, our school has a group building event tomorrow night and we need to order some coffee and desserts. "When they hear that customers need to order food for group building activities, many bosses may suddenly have a 'ding' in their minds and realize that a big order has arrived! recent days

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"Hello, our school will have a team-building activity tomorrow night. We need to order some coffee and desserts."

When you hear that guests need to order meals for team-building activities, many bosses may suddenly "sting" in their minds and realize that a big order has arrived! Recently, a coffee shop owner in Tianjin encountered such a "fortune falls in heaven". Delighted, he immediately sorted out a plan according to the request of the other party and sent it to the other party, and soon finalized the details of the distribution.

The next day, the contact said that he still needs to order and beef gift box, hoping that the shopkeeper can help find a partner. When the shopkeeper said he didn't know the seller, the contact gave him a Wechat to contact him and asked the shopkeeper to pay the order in advance on his behalf. During this period, the contact sent a screenshot of the bank transfer to prove that he did not owe the shopkeeper money.

However, without receiving the reminder of bank collection, the shopkeeper suddenly realized that this was a scam, immediately stopped the cooperation, stopped the loss in time, and was glad that he was not confused by the big order that fell from the sky. He shared his own experience to remind his peers of such scams.

Shopkeepers across the country who have experienced such scams have posted records of their conversations with swindlers, and many say the routine has been around for a long time, targeting restaurants that are small or newly opened.

There are few large orders of thousands of yuan in the daily operation of independent coffee shops, so that when some people say that they purchase a large number of drinks and meals for schools, enterprises, and so on, some inexperienced shopkeepers will be excited about this. For "splash the sky rich" fell on their own head.

They don't realize that this is the beginning of the scam. The swindler gave a decent performance of ordering a group meal to let the shopkeepers off guard. After that, under the excuse of needing gift boxes, gifts and other items, ask the shopkeeper to advance the payment, dig a trap with the so-called supplier, and wait for the shopkeeper to jump. Fraudsters will be happier if they can successfully obtain important information such as bank card accounts and mobile phone verification codes in the process.

This routine is not new in the catering industry, and it can even be said to be old-fashioned, and such scams have been reported in the media. Experienced bosses say that if they encounter a large order, they must offer to pay part of the money to make drinks and meals, and most swindlers will find excuses when they hear that they need to pay a deposit, and some may simply fail to follow.

However, some netizens said that there is another kind of scam similar to this.

The swindler will transfer money to the shopkeeper's account, and the shopkeeper receives the money and sends out the goods to complete the transaction. However, after that, someone will come to the door to tell that the money is the proceeds of fraud, saying that they will close down the bank account and check whether the account has been involved in fraud and money laundering. If not, the relevant money in the account will be deducted, resulting in the shopkeeper running out of money and goods.

As the saying goes, there is no pie in the sky, but there is a trap under the pie. In the face of sudden and large orders, operators should remain vigilant and do not lose their judgment in the poor language traps of swindlers and become aggrieved in sending money to swindlers.

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